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Helpful hints and backyard ideas so that you can incorporate a Master Spas swim spa into your life.

Master Spas swim spas are spacious, versatile, and relaxing. Master Spas swim spas are made in the USA and designed to help you enjoy the best of a pool with the therapy of a hot tub.

Learn more about how you can transform your backyard and create a personal retreat with a Master Spas swim spa. You can swim at your pace, enjoy water exercise, reinvent family time, and enjoy ultimate relaxation.

Swim spas have a continuous water current for water exercise and swimming, as well as hot tub therapy. Contoured therapy seats have massage jets that deliver soothing relief to where you need it most.

Whether you are a swimmer, fitness enthusiast, or just love the water, a swim spa offers recreation, relaxation, and more.

Features include a continuous water current, hot tub jets, LED lighting, and waterfalls. Water care is made easier with a mineral filtration system, which uses natural elements like copper and zinc to keep the water clean and clear. Optional features include a non-slip flooring system, a Bluetooth speaker system, and rolling end-to-end cover.

Master Spas manufactures a range of spas to fit your space and needs. There are spa pools for swimmers, aquatic therapy pool options, and dual-zone spas.

Customer reviews:

“We installed our H2X Trainer 15 D in the backyard and built an extension of our deck making it a true oasis or cottage life in the suburbs. We love how efficient and warm entire pool is and maintenance is a breeze.”

“I never imagined I would love a swim spa so much! It is a great investment and a super fun way to exercise while enjoying the privacy of your own backyard. More importantly, it can be used year round so that makes it the best choice for me.” — Terry, Kansas

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