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Do you want to make room to prioritize your health and wellness?

A backyard makeover might be more than an investment in your property. It will be an investment in your well-being. A Master Spas swim spa can make water exercise, relaxation, and family time more enjoyable and convenient. 

A swim spa offers wellness benefits by making hot tub therapy and aquatic exercise convenient and fun.

Master Spas swim spas have many of the same features as hot tubs. From contoured therapy seats to massage jets, you can experience total relaxation and stress relief. The benefits of hot tub therapy include better sleep, less aches and pains, and more.

You can use hydrotherapy as a way to manage a chronic condition, ease aches and pains, improve mobility, and stretch your muscles. 

A swim spa is also an alternative to a backyard swimming pool. Master Spas swim spas have generous swim areas with a water current for swimming and exercise. Swim, walk, jog, and exercise against the resistance provided by the water. In addition, there’s plenty of space for recreation and family fun.

Aquatic therapy is another wellness benefit of a swim spa. Aquatic therapy utilizes a combination of temperature, buoyancy, and massage to help patients achieve the many health benefits. The benefits include improved circulation and low-impact exercise. 

A swim spa is a much more comfortable and enjoyable environment for exercise. The buoyancy of the water reduces the effects of gravity on your body, providing your muscles and joints with a newfound sense of freedom. People often discover that they can perform exercises in the water that might have otherwise been uncomfortable or painful on land.

Spending time in a swim spa can even help improve your mental and emotional health. By spending the time to relax by yourself or catch up with loved ones, you might find yourself feeling less stressed, happier, and more at ease.

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