Category: Swim Spa Maintenance

Swim spa maintenance made easy.

Get quick tips and tricks for taking care of your swim spa from Master Spas.

Maintenance is an important part of swim spa ownership. The basics  include balancing the chemicals, cleaning the filters, and maintaining the circulation of the water.

The most important step in swim spa maintenance? Consistency. Sticking to the schedule in your swim spa owner’s manual will help you properly maintain your spa. You should check the water several times a week, adding chemicals as needed.

Swim spa chemicals help keep your water clean and clear by killing bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. The chemicals that you will need for spa maintenance include alkalinity increaser, pH increaser and pH decreaser, sanitizer (chlorine), and oxidizer. You will also need test strips to check the chemical levels of your swim spa. Other products that are helpful to have in your spa toolkit are defoamer and spa brite.

You will need to adjust the alkalinity first and then the pH. Once alkalinity and pH are in range, you can add chlorine as a sanitizer. Master Spas recommends shocking the water once week with non-chlorine oxidizer.

Your spa filters are at work whenever your swim spa’s running. You need to clean your filters regularly to make sure they can do their job. Filters should be rinsed once a week and cleaned once a month. If you can’t get your filters completely clean, even with a chemical soak, you should replace them.

Your filter cycles keep the spa water circulating. The water will move through the filters, and the filters will catch any contaminants. Increasing the amount of time the water circulates can help keep the water clean.