swim spa vacation

Managing swim spa water care on vacation

A swim spa brings those relaxing vacation vibes to the convenience of your backyard. You can enjoy splashing and playing year-round no matter where you live.

But there are times when you just need to get away — whether you are going to visit family or taking a vacation. 

A trip should be a worry-free escape — not cause added stress. But the fear of coming home to a swim spa filled with green water can cause anxiety. 

Swim spa owners, though, can prepare their water for vacation and avoid having to troubleshoot water care problems.

swim spa vacation
The most important thing to do before heading off on vacation? Balance the chemicals of your swim spa.

6 Ways to prep swim spa for vacation

If you are headed out for a couple days or a long weekend, you don’t need to stress about water care. Just test the water, balance the chemicals, and take off. 

For trips of a week or longer, be sure to take steps to prevent swim spa water problems.

Balance chemical levels

One of the best things that you can do for your swim spa before vacation is balance the chemicals. Use a test strip to check levels for pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and sanitizer. If your water is too alkaline or acidic, it can cause your swim spa water to be cloudy or turn colors. After balancing the pH and alkalinity, add sanitizer. If you are taking a summer vacation, it’s also a good idea to shock the water before you leave.

How do you shock swim spa water? Purchase a non-chlorine shock product from your Master Spas retailer and follow the package directions. Shocking the water raises the total chlorine levels above the recommended level for daily use to break down contaminants. The chlorine level will fall to safe levels while maintaining water quality and clarity.

Lower water temperature

The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance recommends lowering the temperature for a hot tub by 10 degrees if you are going to be gone for 7 to 10 days — more. The same can be said for a swim spa. Lowering the temperature by 10 degrees allows you to keep the water warm without spending a lot of money keeping it warm. If you use your swim spa for aquatic therapy, you might need to wait a few hours until the water is warm enough for exercise.

swim spa safety
Master Spas manufactures lockable safety covers for its swim spas. Be sure that the cover is on snugly and secured before leaving on your tub.

Rinse and clean filters

The filters of your swim spa help keep the water clean and clear, while making it easier to keep the chemicals balanced. Master Spas recommends rinsing the filters once a month as part of regular water. Rinsing and cleaning your filters before the trip can help you avoid water woes when you return. Also, be sure to take care of any routine water care that you might miss while you’re gone. 

Secure the cover

It’s important to know that your swim spa is safe while you are gone. Be sure that the swim spa cover is in place, fitting snugly across the surface of the shell. The straps should be tight — not loose — to keep out uninvited guests. Master Spas swim spa covers feature lockable covers as an added safety measure. Keep the key on the counter where it can be accessed by a friend or service tech if necessary. 

swim spa aerial view
A swim spa can bring the benefits of a resort to your backyard. But sometimes you just need to escape. If you are going on a long trip, ask a friend to help with maintenance.

Recruit a friend

Do you have a friend or neighbor who loves to hang out in your swim spa? Consider trading access to the swim spa for water care while you are on vacation. The friend can have fun using the swim spa while you are out of town. And you can have peace of mind knowing someone is testing the water and balancing the chemical levels as needed.

Contact your Master Spas dealer

Some Master Spas retail locations might offer a vacation service where a knowledgeable service tech will check your water.