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List of all Facebook Live events that Master Spas has created.

Master Spas Facebook Live videos feature swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli. They offer their insight about the benefits of owning a swim spa and how you can make the most of the ownership experience.

Topics covered in Master Spas’ Facebook Live videos include swim spa water care, how to swim in a swim spa, aquatic exercise, and delivery and installation.

Customers, viewers, and others can also submit questions for Ben and Mari during the Facebook Live events.

Ben and Mari host these sessions at 4 pm Wednesdays on the Master Spas Facebook page. They take place every other week. Be sure to follow Master Spas’ social media accounts for details about upcoming topics, special locations, and more.

You can catch up on all of the videos by visiting the Master Spas Facebook page or going to our YouTube channel.

Among the most popular videos are:

• Our top don’ts for swim spa owners

• The water fitness equipment every swim spa owner needs to improve his fitness.

• How to maintain your swim spa water in the summer

• Tips and tricks for delivery day

• How to care for your swim spa in the winter and protect your investment

• Do you think you can’t have a swim spa? How you can install a pool alternative, even if you have an older home or well water.

• Comparing Master Spas top-selling products and how to choose the best spa for your backyard