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10 Best Things About Hot Tubs from Master Spas Owners

From the dreamy waterfalls to the relaxing waters to the massaging jets, most people can agree that owning a hot tub holds a lot of appeal. But the reasons to buy a hot tub can vary from person to person. Some people might be seeking relief from chronic pain, while others want to incorporate a hot tub into a backyard makeover.

Whether you want to make an investment in your well-being or in your landscape, your favorite feature of a hot tub might surprise you.

Discover what Master Spas owners have enjoyed about having a hot tub in their backyard. 

reasons to buy a hot tub
A hot tub by Master Spas can be a place to enjoy conversation and quiet at the end of the day.

Quiet Conversation

“This hot tub is quiet when operating— you can actually talk to people nearby. The jets are placed where they will do the most benefit. My wife and I love the hot tub.”

Christopher H., Virginia

LSX 700

Relief from Aches and Pains

I absolutely love my Master Spas LSX 800. The jets are amazing. They’re so strong and are good at working sore muscles. I love sitting in the seat between the two corners seats. I end up spending most of my time in that seat with the Master Blasterfoot jets right across from it.”

Kris O., Arizona

LSX 800

hot tub buyers guide family
A hot tub can be for the entire family. When you buy a hot tub, consider who will use it regularly.

Family Time

“We have a large family. The hot tub has been perfect for everyone to enjoy together. The light and music features give you a truly entertaining experience while we enjoy being together relaxing. It also has the added advantage of creating natural communication opportunities with our teenagers.”

Eric D., Indiana

LSX 900


“Being 65 years old isn’t easy. But being able to relax and rejuvenate with our TS 240 Twilight Series hot tub has taken several years off of these old muscles. And, the re-hydrating effect on our skin is quite remarkable! We look forward to using it every day and the purchasing process was very easy and without regret.”

Douglas T., Nebraska

TS 240

Clean, Clear Water

The water purification systemis the best that I have ever experienced. Most hot tubs have an unpleasant chemical smell but not the TS 7.2. The filters take out all of the odor without disrupting the water chemistry.”

Joseph I., Colorado

TS 7.2

Exercise Recovery

“We use our new hot tub almost every day. I have been running for 37 years, and my husband and I are quite active — which equals lots of aches and pains! Getting into our new hot tub provides us with great relief from years of abuse on our joints from running/hiking/biking/skiing!”

Nadine G., Colorado

TS 7.2

reasons to buy a hot tub
Soaking in a hot tub for 20 minutes can help reduce the pain associated with chronic conditions, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Chronic Pain Relief

“My husband and I had always wanted to get a hot tub and we were so impressed by the knowledge and service that we received. This is no ordinary tub — it is therapeutic. My hubby has a bad back and I have a really bad shoulder, and I can honestly say this has helped both of us immensely.”

Krista K, Annapolis Valley

Master Spas owner

Backyard Entertainment

“We absolutely love our Balance 8 Hot Tub. The multi-colored lights really set the mood, and we enjoy the built-in radio system. (Would recommend adding both) The hot tub works perfectly and no complaints at all other than should have purchased it sooner.”

Matthew G., Indianapolis

Balance 8

Better Sleep

“I can’t believe how much we use this thing! I love jumping in there every night right before bed for about an hour. I can tell you I have never had such a wonderful restful night sleep in years. I look forward to going in it at the end of every day.”

Paul S., Wisconsin 

Balance 8

Easy to Maintain

“Things I didn’t know: The spa remains hot and ready all the time — which actually is more efficient than cooling down and reheating and also allows for spontaneous use. There is very little impact on my electricity bill. Chemical use is minimal to maintain a perfect balance (and it is easier than it used to be).”

Linda R., Texas 

HL 7