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Jets … SET: How to Dial In Your Hot Tub Massage

The perfect massage can help you move — and feel — better. Among the benefits of massage therapy are managing chronic pain, easing stress and tension, and recovering from exercise. 

But enjoying a massage that is tailored to your needs and preferences can be challenging. The pressure can be too much or too little. Or, it can feel like the massage therapist finally hits the right spot at the end of the session with only a few minutes remaining.

While massage is a common therapy to manage pain, injury, and stress, warm water has been also used to relieve aches and pains while promoting overall well-being. But when combined with massage, the warm water of a hot tub offers a complete therapeutic experience. 

Indeed, massage and hydrotherapy are among the most common reasons to buy a hot tub. A massage no longer becomes a “treat” squeezed into a busy schedule but a relaxing daily ritual. 

But how do you get the massage you need and want from a hot tub?

Master Spas hot tubs allow you to change the feel of the massage, whether it’s adjusting the water pressure or interchanging the jets. Get relief in the areas you need it most so you can feel your best. 

massage benefits
How can you reduce pain without medication? Massage has been shown to help with reducing aches and pains; increasing circulation; and decreasing anxiety.

Benefits of Massage

What can help you relieve stress — physically and mentally? How can you reduce pain without medication? 

Massage has been shown to help with reducing aches and pains; increasing circulation; and decreasing anxiety.

But the benefits of massage do not stop there.

Massage has also been shown to: 

  • Reduce inflammation and flush out toxins 
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost immunity
  • Increase feelings of happiness
  • Reduce swelling after surgery
hot tub massage
Master Spas hot tubs feature different jet configurations so that you can get the perfect massage for you.

Massage and a Hot Tub

The quality of a hot tub massage is not just about the number of jets in the spa. The location of the jets, type of jets, and the quality of jets contribute to the therapeutic benefits.

Master Spas hot tubs are designed with your comfort and therapy in mind. The jets are strategically placed to pinpoint the areas that most need relief. Take the StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat. There are four out-of-the-water jets positioned downward to hit the shoulders in just the right spot. There are six jets to massage the large muscle groups in the back. Two additional jets help relieve pain in the lower back and hips.

Many Master Spas hot tubs feature multiple jet arrangements so that you can find the right spot and massage for your needs. 

One of the best-selling hot tubs, Twilight Series 7.2, has a full lounge, Master Blaster Foot Therapy, and StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat. In addition, there are several seats with different arrangements. 

neck massage hot tub
To adjust the water pressure of a hot tub massage, you can change the flow of water at the diverter. Or, you can turn off individual jets.

How to Adjust the Massage Pressure

When you step into a hot tub to enjoy a relaxing soak, you don’t always want or need a rigorous massage. There are times when just a little bit of pressure can make a difference. There are times, though, when you need more.

It’s important to be able to personalize the massage experience.

  • Change the pump speed*, from off to low to high. 
  • Adjust the large knob, known as a diverter. Changing the position allows you to move water from one set of jets to another. 
  • Regulate the air coming through the jets. Using the air control for that seat, you can turn create a stronger massage or opt for gentle pressure. The more air coming through the jet, the stronger the massage will feel.  Don’t know where the air control valve is? Look for the small knob near the seat. You should be able to turn it clockwise and counterclockwise to adjust the pressure.
hot tub benefits
The StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat features out-of-the-water jets to target the high tension area of the torso.

Hot Tub Massage Jets

Jets in some Master Spas hot tubs can be removed and replaced with a jet of the same size from a different location. Your hot tub might have a combination of pulsating, rotating, dual pulsating and directional adjustable jets.

In a recent Facebook Live event, Master Spas’ Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli talked about how you can move jets around for the best massage. A deep tissue jet feels akin to a thumb manipulating the muscle. The spinner jet feels like a hand squeezing. The smaller jet might feel like a palm running your back. If you have a problem area, you can customize the jet configuration — even with water in the hot tub.

The jets in your hot tub can be removed by turning them counterclockwise until they release and then pulling out the jet. 

You can also turn each individual jet on or off so that you can adjust the therapy based on your needs. How do you turn off the jet? Simply turn it left or right.