Hot Tub Health Benefits

Hot tub hydrotherapy has been proven to have a wide variety of health benefits*. From reducing stress to chronic pain relief to improved sleep and increased mobility, a hot tub may be able to improve your quality of life and getting you closer to your wellness goals.

*Always speak with your doctor before beginning any new health routine.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Reduce stress in a hot tub

Promoting deeper relaxation, soaking in a hot tub is proven to have a significant impact on reducing stress and anxiety. Because of the increase in body temperature, the body naturally works to rid itself of the heat, increasing blood flow, lowering blood pressure and reducing tension caused by stress. According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation, "with 25 minutes of soaking in a 102-degree hot tub, the autonomic nervous system alters during warm water immersion, producing changes that are parallel to those seen during relaxation and accompanying a reduction in anxiety." Additionally, the hot water and hydro massage jets loosen tense muscles, reducing built-up mental and physical stress.

Pain Relief

Reduce pain in a hot tub

Alleviating chronic pain caused by conditions like arthritis and sciatica, as well as common back and neck aches requires consistent soaks in a hot tub. Time spent immersed in hot water will reduce inflammation in the joints and relax muscles, allowing those who have arthritis to experience relief. The water’s buoyancy eliminates the impact of the body’s weight on sore, aching body parts. It makes the body feel weightless, giving tired and stiff muscles a break.

Hydrotherapy can successfully relieve pain from sciatica, a condition that causes stiff muscles, shooting leg pain and soreness in the hip and lower back. A hot tub’s hydro-massage capabilities create vibrations that release built-up muscle tension.

Chronic headaches and migraines are two conditions that often get overlooked when considering hot tub therapy. Just as hot water immersion alleviates sore muscles throughout the upper and lower body, its relaxing qualities have the same effect on throbbing muscles in the head. Because the hot water prevents muscles from contracting, those suffering from chronic headaches and migraines find relief this way, too.

One of the safest ways to rehabilitate and heal after a sports injury is to do therapy in a hot tub. Hydrotherapy is extremely common among athletes and allows them to perform exercises and stretches without the risk of furthering their injury.

Increased Mobility

Improve Mobility in a hot tub

Exercising and stretching in a hot tub is one of the safest ways to gain strength and flexibility while increasing mobility without having to worry about further injury.

Improved Sleep

Improve the sleep you get at night with a master spas hot tub

In addition to fostering greater relaxation, spending time in a hot tub before bed has been found to promote a better night’s rest. The body’s temperature decreases after an evening soak, serving as a sleep aid and a natural reminder that it is time for bed. Spending an hour unwinding in the hot tub before you lay down for the night, will likely have a positive impact on your sleep.