Financing Your New Hot Tub

The financing options* offered by Master Spas dealers are put in place to create a simple, hassle-free and seamless buying experience. While there are several ways to pay for your investment, financing your hot tub offers you flexibility.

Choosing hot tub financing through your Master Spas dealer is like hitting the easy button with far less hassle than other loan options such as a home equity loan or line of credit, which requires you to go through several additional steps—determining the value of your home, applying for the loan and paying extra fees. Financing your hot tub at the time of purchase simplifies the buying process and allows you to walk away with an affordable monthly payment, peace of mind and a brand new hot tub.

Most Master Spas dealers offer special hot tub financing; however, programs vary by dealer. Complete the form below for more information.


*Each Master Spas dealer selects financing options independently. Financing options and availability will vary by dealer.