Compare Hot Tub Brands

Every hot tub in the Master Spas family is designed for reliability and performance, but each brand offers unique features and optional equipment. Utilize the chart to compare the features and available options to find the hot tub brand that best suits your lifestyle.

S = Standard

O = Optional

X - Not Available

Getaway LH Series Clarity Twilight Series MP Legend
Acrylic Shell X S S S S
Coated Wood Frame X S S S S
Environmentally-Friendly Full-Foam Insulation S S S S S
Manifold Plumbing S S S S S
Vac-formed ABS Pan Bottom X X X X S
DuraMaster Premium™ S S S S S
DreamStone™ X X X O O
Seating Capacity1 3 - 5 Person 5 - 6 Person 5 - 7 Person 2 - 8 Person 4 - 8 Person
Noise Reduction System X X S S S
Water Quality Systems
EcoPur Charge Filtration S X S S S
Ozone System S X S S S
Mast3rPur System X X X O O
QuietFlo Water Care System X X X O O
MasterForce Bio-Magnetic Therapy System X X S S S
StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat™ X S S S S
Whirlpool Relaxation Therapy X X X X S
MasterBlaster Foot Therapy X X X S S
Lower Back Lumbar Therapy X X X S S
Tension Erase Pinpoint Therapy X X X S S
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy X X X S S
Xtreme Lounger Seat X X X X S
Spa Jets - Quantity1 17-40 32-40 38-48 26-53 62-72
Spa Jets - Types1
Massage S S S S S
Pulsating X X S S S
Rotating S4 X X S S
Pinpoint X X X S S
Directional X X X S S
Cluster X X X S S
Whirlpool S5 X X X S
Adjustable X X S S S
Quantity 1 - 2 Pumps 1 - 2 Pumps 2 Pumps 2 Pumps 3 Pumps
Circulation Pump X X X O O
Water Features1
Single-Speed Cascade Waterfall S S S X X
Variable-Speed Sconce Waterfall X X X S X
Variable-Speed, Tri-Feature Waterfall X X X X S
Orion Light System X X X S S
Dream Lighting X X X O S
Colorscape Light Package S X X X X
Waterline LED X X S X X
Entertainment System
Fusion Air Sound System2 X X O O O
Phone/Tablet App X X O O O
Standard Warranty3
Structure 5 Years 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years 10 Years
Shell Surface X 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years 7 Years
Plumbing/Equipment 1 Year 2 Year 3 Years 5 Years 5 Years

* Due to supply chain challenges, this option is currently not available in North America. 1 Standard and optional features may vary by model. Please review individual model details for more information.
2 Speaker and subwoofer configuration varies by brand. Please review brand feature pages for more information.
3 Warranty information provided is reflective of domestic hot tub warranties.
4 Available on the Bar Harbor LE and Ocho Rios CS
5 Available on the Bar Harbor LE