buy a hot tub online

How to Buy a Hot Tub Online

If you are starting to shop for a hot tub, your first step might be to search online. You might look for the best hot tub brand or explore the different hot tub models from Master Spas.

You might even look to see whether you can buy a hot tub on the Internet. 

From groceries to clothing, homes to even cars, you can get most anything online. And, yes, you can order a hot tub from a website.

Statistics show that 61 percent of shoppers have bought something online. Advantages to shopping online are convenience and competitive pricing, and many customers are enticed by free shipping offers.

If you are shopping for a hot tub, it is possible to buy a quality spa without leaving home. By working virtually with a knowledgeable salesperson, you can get the best hot tub for you and your needs.

buy a hot tub online
Shopping for a hot tub? Use video calling to get a virtual tour of the showroom, learn more about hot tub features, and request hot tub pricing.

How to Buy a Hot Tub Online

The Best Hot Tub for Your Family

From comparing hot tub brands to shopping their product lines, the spa choices can feel overwhelming. A website can provide you with information, but it can’t interact with you … or can it? 

Set up a phone call or virtual appointment with your local Master Spas dealer and get the hot tub shopping experience without leaving home. A knowledgeable salesperson can discuss your needs, wants, and space. Perhaps you are shopping for a hot tub because you are seeking relief from a chronic health condition. Or, you are an athlete who could benefit from a hot tub’s recovery features. 

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Wet Test 

What is it like to relax in a premium hot tub? How strong are the massage jets? You won’t know unless you get in. When you shop online, you will have to trust the website and reviews. Even then, you won’t really find out until the hot tub is installed and filled with water. Master Spas dealers offer the opportunity to “wet test” a hot tub so that you can see the benefits for yourself. Schedule a private appointment to see what hot tub is best for you.

buy a hot tub online
A Master Spas salesman can talk about your hot tub needs over the phone or during an online consultation. Provide photos and dimensions as the salesman guides you to the best hot tub for you.

Hot Tub Consultation

Where do you put a hot tub? A hot tub by Master Spas can be installed inside or out, on a concrete patio or in-ground. All that is required is a solid, level surface that can handle the weight of the hot tub when it’s filled with water. If you want to fast-track your hot tub purchase, consider choosing a reinforced concrete pad. However, if you are starting a backyard makeover, a salesperson can help you choose the best location and hot tub installation option. He will make sure you are able to access the equipment for regular service and can properly drain the swim spa when necessary.

You can use online platforms to invite a salesperson into your home without visiting the showroom, though. Snap pictures of your prospective location and email them (along with measurements). Or video chat via Skype, FaceTime, or Facebook while giving a tour of your outdoor living area. 

On a virtual tour of the showroom, the salesperson can help you explore models that are in-stock and ready for delivery. Once your site is ready, a hot tub by Master Spas can be installed in less than a day.

Download our Hot Tub Planning Guide.

Make the Connection

Many hot tub owners will need an appointment with a licensed electrician to install a GFCI electrical hookup. A contractor and/or landscaper might be hired to complete the project. When you buy a hot tub online from other outlets, such as a warehouse store, you might have to do the legwork to hire the necessary labor. A Master Spas salesperson can help connect you to qualified contractors and electricians so that the hot tub installation process is as stress-free as using your new spa.

Hot Tub Maintenance 101

Any spa, whether it has a mineral filtration system or it’s a salt water hot tub, will require regular maintenance to keep the water clean. If you are new to hot tub maintenance, you might feel intimidated and wonder how to balance the chemicals. When you buy a swim spa online, you are left on your own to figure out the process. However, when buying a hot tub from a reputable brand like Master Spas, you get unmatched support. The knowledgeable salesperson can explain the water care process and direct you to the spa chemicals for your hot tub. Master Spas also has a library of how-to videos and quick tips on its YouTube channel.

If you have questions or need support, Master Spas also has service reps all over the country and an Indiana-based customer support team.

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