best hot tubs for 2020

New and For You: Best Hot Tubs for 2020

Do you want to spend 2020 with less stress and more relaxation? A hot tub can be a fantastic addition to your backyard and life.

But what kind of hot tub should you buy in 2020? A quality, energy-efficient spa will deliver the relaxation you want and make the hot tub worth the investment. 

The best hot tub for you will have the features that you want and need, such as adjustable massage jets, dedicated foot jets, and LED lighting. It will also complement the space without overwhelming it.

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Master Spas is among the world’s leading hot tub manufacturers and the only company to make 100 percent of its product in the USA.

Whether you are looking for a compact unit to fit in your small backyard or a spa that’s prime for entertaining, here are the hot tubs you are sure to love in 2020.

best hot tubs for 2020
New for 2020 is the Michael Phelps Legend Series LSX 850. The spacious hot tub has an open seating arrangement for friends and family.

Best Hot Tubs for 2020

There are many excellent hot tubs on the market. However, you want a hot tub that’s going to be excellent for you.

How do you find that best hot tub pick?

It’s important to consider the size, quality of materials, water care system, energy efficiency, and other features. The best hot tubs will be easy to use and easy to enjoy, as well as upgrade your backyard. Our picks for the best hot tubs have a combination of luxury and relaxation.

Michael Phelps LSX 850

The LSX 850 combines the luxury of the Michael Phelps Legend Series with an open seating arrangement. This seven-person hot tub has 58 jets and comfortable therapy seats. The LSX 850 has premium hot tub features, such as orbit jets, Smart Sensor Technology, LED lighting, and a mineral filtration system.

When it comes to relaxation and hot tub massage, the LSX 850 includes the Xtreme Therapy™ Seat, Master Blaster® Foot Therapy, and StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat.

The Xtreme Therapy Seat is available on Michael Phelps hot tubs. This uniquely shaped seat has 22 jets and two whirlpools, providing hydrotherapy coverage for calves, arms, wrists and hands. There’s also a unique jet pattern that is designed for your neck and back.

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The TS 8.2 is our pick for the best six-person hot tub. It has a full-size lounge and 44 hydrotherapy jets.

Twilight Series 8.2

Lounge or no lounge? It might seem like a simple question but choosing the seating arrangement of your at-home spa is important. You want to feel comfortable as you soak in the water. While some people prefer a traditional seat, you might enjoy stretching out as the jets massage your back, legs, and feet.

The TS 8.2 is one of the best picks if you are on Team Lounge. This six-person hot tub has 44 jets, including the neck and shoulder seat. In addition, you can realize the benefits of bio-magnetic therapy with the Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System. Magnets are strategically placed behind the jets of the neck and shoulder seat, helping to alleviate inflammation.

But the TS 8.2 is not just about a relaxing hot tub experience. The mineral filtration system, EcoPur Charge, takes the stress out of spa ownership. Naturally occurring elements like copper and zinc help purify the water with fewer chemicals than other brands.

Master Spas’ new video series takes viewers inside the production of the world’s best hot tubs.

Clarity Series Balance 9

The Balance 9 has an open seating arrangement and space for up to eight adults. There are 57 jets that deliver a therapeutic hydromassage. Adding to the experience are features such as LED lighting and a waterfall. 

The comfort of a Master Spas hot tub, like the new Balance 9, starts with the manufacturing process. Get an inside look at how Master Spas builds the best hot tubs with our new video series — Building the Best Hot Tub. 

Your backyard but better

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