water exercise routine

Give your water exercise routine a spring refresh

There was a time when exercising in the water was reserved for swimmers, gliding through the water, and people who were using it for therapy. But you don’t have to go to a warm water aerobics class or book a lap lane to get an effective aquatic workout.

The water offers a fun yet safe space to focus on your wellness goals. You can swim, walk, or jog as part of your cardio routine. With water workout equipment, such as resistance bands, you can improve your strength.

But one of the secrets to any consistent workout routine is keeping it fresh. Whether it’s a new exercise or mixing up the sequence, it’s important to prevent boredom and challenge your body in new ways. Plus, incorporating new exercises makes it exciting to work out.

It might feel intimidating, though, to test out a new water exercise routine. You don’t want to disrupt a class or catch the eyes of other people in the pool. A Master Spas swim spa allows you to enjoy a water exercise routine in the comfort and privacy of your backyard.

This full-body aquatic workout utilizes resistance tubing for muscular strength and endurance. You can do it in one session or split it up to focus on specific muscle groups. 

aqua aerobics exercises
Among the benefits of exercising in a swim spa is working out at your own pace on your own schedule. Master Spas swim spas come with the H2Xercise kit, which includes rowing bars and resistance bands.

Benefits of Swim Spa Exercise

Getting active and staying active is easier said than done. A busy schedule, non-traditional work hours, and gym intimidation are among the hurdles to a regular routine.

However, a swim spa makes exercise convenient, safe, and fun. Your next session is just a few steps away. Skip the drive to the gym, the locker room, and wait for your favorite machine. (Seriously — do you need to check your email on the leg press?)

Master Spas models feature a spacious swim area and continuous water current for swimming and exercise. And with a built-in heater and touchscreen panel, you can easily set the water temperature so it’s comfortable. 

Adding to the comfort — and safety — is the SoftTread non-slip flooring. Standard on Michael Phelps swim spas and an optional feature for H2X models, SoftTread is added to each step, as well as the large floor area, offering grip and cushion.

water exercise routine
Use the H2Xercise resistance bands to do an overhead press in the swim spa.

Water Exercises for Your Swim Spa

Most Master Spas swim spas include the H2Xercise kit. With rowing bars, resistance bands, and a water exercise book, you are able to follow a routine or create your own. 

Resistance tubing helps take advantage of water’s natural resistance while adding an extra challenge. You can use Velcro bands or the stainless-steel grab bar to attach the bands to the spa.

For this workout, choose a lighter resistance and higher repetitions. To change the resistance, adjust the length of the band. Wrap it around your hands to make it shorter and more challenging. 

Aquatic Leg Workout

Band Leg Press. For a leg press, attach the Velcro band to one end of the band while the other end is wrapped around the grab bar. Slip your foot into the Velcro loop. Face the front of the spa, holding onto the edge. Kick straight back. Bring the knee up toward your chest as you return to the start. 

Squats. Stand in the swim spa with your core engaged and heels on the ground. Put your weight into your heels and lower buttocks into a seated position. Return to start position. Repeat.

Aquatic Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Press. Place the band under your foot (or feet), and hold the bands in your hands. Starting with hands at your shoulders, press up to the sky. Return to start. Arms will be out of the water.

Front Raise. Starting position: Band is and under your foot (or feet) and hands are at your sides, knuckles facing forward. Lift your hands to the top of the water or shoulder height. e

Lateral Raise. For a lateral raise, stand with a wide stance and place the band under your feet. Hands are at your side, with palms facing your things. Lift arms out to the side and return to the start. 

Water Exercises for Chest

Chest Press (Flat). The resistance band is attached to the stainless steel grab bar. Facing the therapy seats, stand with a staggered stance. Hold the bands and press forward. 

Chest Press (Incline). The resistance band is attached to the stainless steel grab bar. Facing the therapy seats, stand with a staggered stance. Hold the bands just above your shoulders and press up and out, as if you are Superman flying. 

tricep extension
You can do a variety of exercises for the back of your arms, including a tricep extension, in a Master Spas swim spa.

Water Exercises for Triceps

Kickbacks. With the resistance band attached to the grab bar, face the front of the swim spa. Hinge at the hips and bend the arms, with elbows tuck in. Extend your arms toward the back of the spa, squeezing your tricep. 

Overhead Tricep Extension. Keep the resistance band attached to the grab bar. To start, elbows are bent and hands are behind your head. Extend the arms so that the hands are above your head and arms are straight. To balance the water, stand with a staggered stance. 

Aquatic Bicep Exercises

The bicep is the muscle at the front of the arm. In the water, you can perform two variations of curls as part of your water exercise routine. 

The first bicep curl keeps the resistance tubing attached to the grab bar. Arms are extended in front of you, almost resting on top of the water. With the handles of the bands in your hand, curl your arms toward your shoulder.

You can do a bicep curl in the water. Place feet on the resistance tubing to keep it in place. Hold the handles with palms facing forward. Start with arms by your side and curl up to the surface of the water.

Water Aerobics Back Workout

Rows. In a split stance, hold the handles of the resistance bands and perform a rowing motion. Use both arms equally. Repeat. For this exercise, secure the resistance tubes to the grab bar.

One-Arm Rows. Stand in a staggered stance position, and hold the handles of the resistance bands in one arm. Perform rowing motion while rotating head toward outside arm. Repeat.

At-home spa pool

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of water exercise at home? A Master Spas swim spa makes water exercise more convenient, while allowing you to relax and unwind. You can click here to learn more about the benefits of aquatic exercise. Or, contact your local Master Spas retailer to learn more about hot tub ownership. Wondering how much a Master Spas swim spa costs? You can request a quote here.