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A hot tub can be installed in your backyard or in your home. The best place to put your spa is the place where you will use it most. For some people, that might be a deck or patio. Others choose to have an indoor hot tub.

An indoor hot tub offers myriad benefits. Inside, you might use your spa more often. You also do not have to worry about the outdoor elements when you go for a soak.

Another benefit is added privacy. You can soak in the peace and quiet without worrying about catching your neighbor’s attention or an inquisitive look from someone walking by.

You can also install a spa to make the most of unused space in your home. People who have an unused sunroom or are now empty-nesters can turn a space into a private oasis.

Choosing this does require planning. You will have to factor in flooring, wall coverings, ventilation, a water source, and access to the room.

One indoor hot tub option is to add a spa during a remodel or addition. The unit can be easily moved in during the construction process. Also, you can choose the best materials for an indoor hot tub instead of retrofitting an existing pace.

As with any spa, you will need to review the electrical requirements. More than likely, you will need to install a 50-amp 240-volt breaker.