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Stylish Patio Ideas to Showcase Your Hot Tub

The weather is warm, the days are longer, and the sun is shining. Yeah, summer is pretty close to perfect. 

It’s also the perfect season to entertain friends and families. And they will always RSVP yes when you have a hot tub from Master Spas.

But hosting a summer party is not as easy as sending out a group text — even if it does include “hot tub.” 

Create an inviting entertaining space with patio accessories that are not just functional but fun. From decorative lights to dreamy hammocks, these outdoor accessories will create a backyard retreat —with your hot tub from Master Spas as the centerpiece.

And just a little bonus: Your hard work is something that you can enjoy all summer (and we’re pretty sure fall), too.

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outdoor patio accessories
Complement your backyard living space with amble seating, an outdoor rug, and lighting.

Outdoor Patio Accessories for Your Hot Tub

Bar-Height Bistro Table

Guests will appreciate a space to enjoy a drink, snack, or meal. Bar-height seating can be set up near the hot tub, and everyone can mingle — whether they are in the water or drying off. 

Ample Seating

One of the best parts of inviting friends to your home is the chance to catch up. Create seating arrangements that invite conversation, and make sure that there is a place for everyone. We understand that sometimes you’ll have to bring out a few extra chairs but ample seating will make guests feel at home. Consider outdoor sofas and arm chairs with cushions that bring the comfort of your living room to the outdoors. Don’t forget to purchase items made from a durable material that can withstand the weather in your area.

Outdoor Rug

Add comfort and color to your patio space with a cozy outdoor rug. The rug can also help define a seating area or be a great place to dry off feet before heading inside.

Overset Umbrella

There’s nothing like a good dose of vitamin D but offer guests some respite from the sun’s powerful rays. An overset umbrella gives you shade and flexibility so that you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors. Direct it over patio seating while you snack or even over the hot tub to keep the temperature where you want it. 

Towel Rack

Towels are a must for any hot tub party. But keep them organized and neatly displayed with a well-made rack. It’s a nice touch, too, to have a gorgeous wicker hamper that looks more furniture than a place to put wet towels. To make it easier to take them inside, put in a muslin liner that you can cinch and carry to your laundry room.

Large Planters

Annual flowers are a great way to add color, texture, and even a natural perfume to your space. You can even change the look of your space from season to season (or month to month) by choosing blooms in different hues or sizes. By planting the flowers in large planters, you can create a statement on your patio.

outdoor patio accessories
String lights add an ambient glow to your hot tub so you can enjoy your spa after the sun has set.

Outdoor Lights

While your party might start in the daylight hours, our favorite time to enjoy sitting in a hot tub is at twilight. The setting sun can create a brilliant show of colors. But give Mother Nature a hand with some decorative string lights or lanterns that will add light and ambiance. 


Soaking in a hot tub can help you feel more relaxed and sleep better. Give yourself the chance to rest after guests have said goodbye with a hammock. But forget the idea of the portable hammock that you tie up between two treas. These comfy cradles, which now feature sturdy, are one of our favorite outdoor patio accessories.

Download our Backyard Planning Guide and learn more about installing a hot tub.