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Morning water exercise routine to start your day

Beep … beep … BEEP. The sound of the alarm is jarring, and your first instinct might be to hit snooze or turn off the alarm entirely. 

However, you might have set the alarm for a reason — to get in a workout before you start your day. Exercising in the morning can benefit your mood, improve productivity, and reduce stress

How do you get in a workout when it’s already challenging to just get up?

A study published in the Journal of Physiology reported that working out at 7 am might change your body’s internal clock, making it easier to get up in the morning. It’s also important to find a way to exercise that is not going to stress your schedule — or your body.

There are many ways to get in an effective morning exercise session without turning on the car and driving to the gym. You can do a workout video, walk around the neighborhood, or just walkout the backdoor.

swim spa by Master Spas makes starting a morning exercise routine is even easier. It’s gentle on the body yet effective and will leave you feeling energized for the rest of your day. 

Bonus: You can sleep in just a little bit later since you don’t have to commute.

water exercise
Take your stretching exercises into your hot tub or swim spa. Stretch your legs by bringing your foot toward your behind. The water will help support the movement so you get a better range of motion

Water exercise in a swim spa

The best type of exercise is often the one that you like doing. Whether it’s walking, swimming, or aerobics, it’s better to be consistent than to try the next “it” workout.

Water exercise is a popular way to get active and stay active because it’s effective yet gentle on your body. And unlike a treadmill where your options are to walk or run, working out in water is not limited to swimming. You can, of course swim, but also walk, jog, dance, stretch, use dumbbells, and more. In fact, most any land-based exercise can be modified for the swim spa.

But how does exercise differ in the water?

The water is a three-dimensional environment that offers a low-impact, safe space for working out. Water’s buoyancy and natural resistance helps support the body while challenging the muscles. With buoyancy, the effects of gravity are reduced. 

  • 50% of your body weight is carried by water when submerged up to waist level.
  • 70% of your body weight is carried by water when submerged up to chest level.
  • 90% of your body weight is carried by water when submerged up to neck deep.

And with resistance, the harder you push in the water, the harder the water pushes you back. Unlike traditional weights in a gym, your speed and effort determine the difficulty. So, no matter what age you are or fitness level you are at, as long you are working your hardest, water will give you a great workout.

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water exercise routine
The hip abduction is a addition to your morning exercise routine. Not only does it strengthen your glute but it improves balance. Add the H2Xercise fins for added resistance.

Morning exercise routine for your swim spa

Exercising in the morning can help improve your mood, increase energy levels and, overall, help you feel more alert. 

But it can be hard to get started with a morning exercise routine.

To make it easier, start with a few gentle exercises before moving into a more active workout. 

Neck rotation

Seated in a swim spa or hot tub, turn head slowly to look over one shoulder, then the other. Hold each position.

Neck/upper back stretch

Clasp hands together in front of body with arms extended. Gently pull shoulder blades apart by slowly reaching forward while bringing chin toward chest. Hold position.

Lower trunk rotation

Keep your feet together as you sit on the bench of the swim spa. Rotate knees to one side, then alternate sides. Hold each position.

Hip abduction

Lift leg out to the side. Keep knee straight. Pull leg down to start. Repeat.

Hip march

Bring one leg toward chest with knee bent. Return to start position. Repeat.


Stand away from bench, bend both knees lowering buttocks toward bench, keeping equal pressure on balls and heels of feet and attempt to keep shins in vertical position. Return to start position. Repeat.

morning exercise routine
A ball can change the dynamic of your water exercise routine, helping you to strengthen your core. The ball crunch is a great move to incorporate into your morning exercise routine.

Ball Crunch

Sit on bench holding ball close to chest, contract the abdominal muscles while crunching forward. Return to start position. Repeat.

Walking Lunges with Flies

While holding the aquatic dumbbells in front of body with arms straight, lunge forward with one leg while opening arms out to sides. Walk forward. Return to starting position. Repeat sequence.


Perform rowing motion in sitting position. Use both arms equally. Repeat.

Chest press

Begin with a staggered stance position, and hold the handles of the aquatic dumbbells. Perform chest press motion with one arm at a time. Repeat.

Standing tricep press

In a staggered stance, hold handles in both hands with elbows bent to 90º close to body. Press arms backward to extend elbow. Return. Repeat.

Double leg tuck jump

Start with your arms at your sides. Jump straight up bringing knees to chest. Land on both feet equally. Repeat.

Kickboard push down

Sit on bench with both feet flat on floor, both hands on kickboard, arms straight and shoulder width apart. Stabilize abdominals, push kickboard into water. Hold and return. Repeat.

Diagonal kicks

Standing in the swim spa, bring your leg diagonally across your body. Keep your core and glutes tight while maintaining an upright posture. Your shoulders should stay square. Hold the side of the swim spa if needed. 

Jumping jacks

When performing jumping jacks in the water, be sure to keep your arms below the water and move the legs through full range of motion. Land with soft knees. 

At-home exercise pools

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