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Your Guide to Hot Tub Circulation Pumps

“Saltwater” might be one of the first things you ask about when discussing a hot tub’s filtration system. The systems, which use a salt chlorine generator, are a popular topic among hot tub buyers. However, there might be another feature to discuss with your local hot tub retailer — the circulation pump.

A hot tub circulation pump is often an optional add-on that helps make water care easier. 

What is a circulation pump? It’s a low-flow hot tub pump that moves the water through the filter system — even when the hot tub is not in use. The more water that moves through the filter, the cleaner your hot tub water will be. The system also keeps the water at a slightly higher temperature, making it easier to heat your hot tub.

The QuietFlo Water Care System by Master Spas is a hot tub circulation pump that maximizes efficiency in spa heating and filtration. Working with the ozone and mineral filtration systems, QuietFlo keeps water cleaner and clearer without any extra work. 

Before hopping in, learn about how a circulation pump works and what to consider when choosing your hot tub and features.

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Moving water is a key component to keeping your water clean. When water is still, it creates the perfect environment for bacteria and algae to grow. A circulation pump keeps the water moving 24/7, helping to keep it clear.

Hot Tub Circulation Pumps

A typical hot tub, whether it’s saltwater or mineral system, uses the jet pumps to move water through the hot tub filters. The fabric of the filter will catch particles and debris that you don’t want in the water.

The filtration cycles will take place at preset intervals and when you use your hot tub.

A circulation pump, though, is different. It is plumbed with the other pumps and heating equipment of your hot tub. This secondary pump runs around the clock, even when the hot tub is turned off. It keeps water moving, which helps prevent bacteria and algae from growing. 

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One of the advantages of a hot tub circulation pump is that the water stays at a higher temperature. It will take less time — and energy — to heat the water when you want to soak in.

Advantages of a Hot Tub Circulation Pump

But isn’t a hot tub’s filtration system enough to keep the water clean? The short answer is yes. Master Spas’ EcoPur Charge system uses natural minerals and specially designed filter to purify the water. 

However, the circulation pump makes water care even easier, and it might be the most important upgrade you select when buying your hot tub.

Water chemistry care and filtration go hand in hand in water clarity. Continuous filtering helps promote clearer water conditions longer in between chemical care.

The reasons you need a hot tub circulation pump might vary slightly. However, for most customers, the pump makes your hot tub more energy efficient; gives you cleaner water with less work; and reduces the wear-and-tear on therapy pumps. 

Energy Efficiency

A 24-hour circulation pump is much more efficient when it comes to how much electricity your hot tub uses. When a filter cycle kicks in, it uses one of the main therapy pumps. This pump draws more amps than the circulation pump and can cause additional wear on a main therapy pump when you aren’t actually using the hot tub. A typical circulation pump runs at about 0.45A, whereas a two-speed therapy pump might run between 3A and 4A on low.

Water Temperature

For hot tub owners in cold climates, such as in the northern U.S. or Canada, the circulation pump will help maintain the desired water temperature more efficiently. The circulation pump keeps the water at a slightly elevated temperature when compared to a hot tub that doesn’t have a circulation pump. As the hot tub doesn’t have to take as long as to heat up, it will use less energy and help save on your utility bills. 

Water Clarity

Hot tub owners who live in warmer climates will see other benefits to a circulation pump. The heater will run less to maintain water temperature, meaning that water is moving through the filters less often. When water is “still,” owners are more likely to experience hot tub water issues — especially if they are new to hot tub ownership. The circulation pump keeps the water moving, preventing it from becoming stagnant. The flow of water also helps keep your sanitizer evenly distributed, reducing the amount of chemicals you need to add.

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The QuietFlo Water Care System is available for select Master spas hot tubs, including Micheal Phelps Legend and Twilight series spas.

About the QuietFlo Water Care System 

The QuietFlo Water Care System is a premium option available for select Master Spas hot tubs. Among the hot tubs with the circulation pump option are Michael Phelps Legend Series and Twilight Series spas.

The system moves water at 25 gallons per minute through the EcoPur® Charge filtration system. Your hot tub water is filtered and cleaned even when you are not soaking in the water. By keeping the water moving at preset intervals, the QuietFlo pump ensures water remains filtered evenly.

More than that, it also reduces the demand for hot tub chemicals. 

An added benefit is that the system keeps the water at a slightly elevated temperature, allowing the spa to heat up more quickly. Your hot tub will be ready when you are with the QuietFlo pump