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Backyard Inspiration Awaits: Swim Spa Install

A backyard is no longer just a yard. It’s a space meant for living — from outdoor kitchens to cozy conversation seating areas. With thoughtful design choices, homeowners can transform their yard into a true living area that takes advantage of the space and surrounding views. 

Nestled high above the city lights, this mountainside home offers sweeping views of the rugged Israeli landscape. The homeowners created a space where comfort meets glamour. And, at the heart of it is a swim spa by Master Spas. 

Sunken into a ground-level deck, the H2X Trainer 19D offers a space for the homeowners to relax, entertain, and exercise. A built-in rolling cover has a low profile, offering unobstructed views from the water.

The covered porch runs the length of the house, offering multiple seating areas and a space to dine al fresco. Oversized concrete planters are home to manicured topiaries, which offer color and texture. A row of hedges seems to act as the only dividing line between the lawn and rest of the city. A vertical garden and mature trees privacy from neighboring homes. 

Whether you live in an exotic locale or the Midwest suburbs, there is plenty of design inspiration in this backyard and in-ground swim spa installation. 

in-ground swim spa
The H2X Trainer 19D is the star of this backyard. A dual-zone swim spa, this unit has two bodies of water with two sets of temperature controls.
Designer: Moti Azulay
Photo Credit: Lior Teitler

About this In-Ground Swim Spa Installation

A custom swim spa installation, the homeowners chose to have an H2X Trainer 19D by Master Spas installed in the ground. This installation option offers the look of an in-ground pool but the year-round use and benefits of a swim spa. 

The dual-temperature swim spa has a separate hot tub area with massage jets. The swim area is spacious, making it ideal for stationary swimming, aquatic exercise, and splashing around.

If you are considering an in-ground swim spa, some considerations include a solid foundation and access to the control panel. You will need to have a concrete vault poured, as it will be able to support the weight of the spa. In addition, the concrete sides of the vault will protect the spa from the ground shifting or effects from the weather. 

To protect the swim spa from ground water or flooding, a drainage system is also important.

outdoor lighting options
When planning your backyard projects, be sure to plan for functional lighting. This space features overhead lighting on the patio and oversized spot lights in the backyard.
Designer: Moti Azulay
Photo Credit: Lior Teitler

5 Backyard Ideas Inspired by Swim Spa Installation

Whether you’re planning for the delivery of your Master Spas swim spa or want to refresh your space, you will find plenty of backyard inspiration. This stunning space features an in-ground swim spa, large covered patio, multiple seating areas, and thoughtful landscape design. 

Functional Lighting

The right lighting is key to creating an outdoor space that you can enjoy. While you can rely on the sun during the day, there’s something special about relaxing outdoors in the evening. This backyard features overhead pendant lights in the porch area, spotlights around the perimeter, and large light posts near the swim spa and fire pit. The lights create the perfect glow for taking in the sunset from the swim spa or enjoying a post-dinner coffee on the porch.

Blur the Line Between Indoors and Out

With floor to ceiling glass doors, the flow between the indoor living space and the backyard is seamless. The view of the swim spa and surrounding landscape can be enjoyed from the kitchen, while preparing a meal. And the pendant lights above the outdoor dining table mirror those indoors. The tile on the porch, which features a cobblestone, could easily be mistaken for an indoor design.

We’re drawing backyard inspiration from the easy flow from the patio to the rest of the space. A ground level deck connects the spaces while offering definition and a place for additional seating. 

in-ground swim spa
Multiple seating areas make your backyard comfortable and inviting.
Designer: Moti Azulay
Photo Credit: Lior Teitler

Multiple Seating Areas

This backyard design features multiple seating areas, from a large 10-person dining table to cozy chairs arranged around a coffee table. An outdoor couch is ideal for curling up with a good book or getting some respite from the sun.

While it’s important to choose outdoor furniture that is weather-resistant, new designs and materials allow you to mimic your favorite indoor sitting areas.

Incorporating seating options into your backyard design based on how you plan to use it. Do you want to lounge by the swim spa? Consider a chaise. Adirondack chairs are perfect for relaxing around the outdoor fire pit.

Look Up

When you are creating an outdoor oasis, you want it to feel inviting yet private. Incorporating a vertical garden into your backyard design offers greenery and beauty to a part of the yard that might otherwise be a blank or an imposing privacy fence. This backyard features raised planters and greenery trained to grow up a mesh fence. 

The greenery, growing up the fence, and in the raised planters offers color and texture. In addition, it blocks the view of the neighbor’s yard (and their view of your yard). 

We’re drawing backyard inspiration from this vertical garden. It can help soften the look of a fence, define the space, or add color. And, a benefit of a vertical garden is that it requires minimal square footage in your yard.

backyard swim spa
This backyard design features a combination of upscale decking and patio tile.
Designer: Moti Azulay
Photo Credit: Lior Teitler

Deck Inspiration

A floating deck is a way to expand the livable space of your backyard. Also known as a ground level deck, it can be a space to entertain, relax, or enjoy a meal. These homeowners incorporated the floating deck as a surround to the swim spa. Planks can be removed to access the service panel of the spa.

This deck features a chic yet understated look. The wood planks are luxe in appearance but the overall design is simple. You can incorporate a floating deck into almost any yard, and you can choose materials that reflect your aesthetic.