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The Crossing - Building Our Future

What is The Crossing?

The Crossing Educational Center was founded in 2003 by Executive Director Rob Staley, who for 20 years was an administrator and principal at Concord High School in Elkhart.

The Crossing's mission statement: Empowering struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through academics, job training and faith-based mentoring.

Whether it is due to economic status; social, mental or emotional issues; learning disabilities; or other obstacles to education, many young people have a difficult time not just succeeding in academics, but succeeding in their personal lives as well. An effort must be made to help these young people. They need education and guidance in the classroom, in a job training environment, and in their personal lives.

When a student attends the Crossing, he or she is more than just another line in the enrollment logs. The Crossing is a family, and from the moment the students step through their doors for the first time, they treat them as members of their family, caring about their development in every area of their lives.

How Did Master Spas Get Involved?

In early 2012, Terry Valmassoi was at a business forum where Rob Staley was the guest speaker. Staley’s account of The Crossing’s mission to educate struggling students struck a chord, and Valmassoi decided Master Spas needed to get involved.

The only question was how. So Valmassoi asked Michael Rees, director of manufacturing at Master Spas, and some other employees whether the company could make job training available to The Crossing’s Fort Wayne students. They walked the production line, ruling out any job too dangerous or too highly skilled.

In fall 2012, during The Crossing’s first quarter, students began working three-hour shifts at Master Spas’ Fort Wayne factory, rolling fiberglass insulation on hot tubs and swim spas and detailing them once they rolled off the production line.

Master Spas also provides a site on the Master Spas campus for a full-service microbusiness. Here, the students learn leadership skills by running their own business manufacturing and selling pallets, start to finish.

Terry Valmassoi Terry Valmassoi

"I can see the difference The Crossing is making in the lives of these students as they teach the students life skills and show them that they can be loved"

What are Our Goals?

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Provide learning experience for valued work skills.

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Help and encourage students with a positive work environment


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