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7 Exercises to Add into Your Water Exercise Routine

When we think about a water exercise routine, there are two things that often come to mind: water aerobics classes at a nearby fitness facility and swimming.

But you can take advantage of the low-impact environment of water and perform your favorite land-based exercises. Think walking, jogging, squats, jumping jacks, and bicep curls. 

Unlike working out on the land, though, anyone can benefit from water exercise — no matter their fitness level.

Exercising in the water can help prevent injury, improve fitness, and benefit mobility and flexibility.

With a swim spa by Master Spas, you can exercise in the convenience and privacy of your backyard. Forget the crowded pool, limited fitness facility hours, and the chilly water. (Seriously, why is the pool always socold?)

water exercises to try
Switch up your water workout routine with seven exercises that will improve overall strength and muscular endurance.

Why Exercise in the Water?

Water has two things going for it — natural resistance and buoyancy. 

The resistance of the water slows the speed of movement during exercise thus diminishing the likelihood of jerky movements and the risk of injury. Also, when exercising in the water, the energy expenditure is similar to that of land-based exercise because of the increased effort required to stabilize yourself in the water while exercising.

Water can be 500 to 800 times more supportive. This buoyancy allows a person to move without the stress and impact on joints. 

A person standing in chest-deep water will experience a sense of weightlessness — feeling just 10% of her bodyweight. For example, a 150-pound person will “weigh” 15 pounds. Select swim spas by Master Spashave a water depth of 50 inches, maximizing the benefits of water’s buoyancy.

More than that, the water allows us to move in a three-dimensional way, which is how we move during daily life. Running on a treadmill or striding away on the elliptical keeps a person in a single movement pattern. Not training in a three-dimensional, holistic, way can lead to muscle weakness and injury.

water exercise tricep
A swim spa is an ideal environment for exercise, whether you want to get your heart pumping or improve your strength. Use water dumbbells to target your tricep muscles and tone your arms.

7 Water Exercises to Try in a Swim Spa

Resistance training in a swim spa by Master Spas is a great way to build strength and improve muscular endurance. Whether you are a beginner when it comes to aquatic workouts or you are looking to change up your routine, here are seven exercise you can incorporate. 

The speed in which you move will change the difficulty of the exercise. While maintaining good form, moving more quickly can increase the challenge.

Walking Lunges with Flies

Begin by standing with the H2Xercise dumbbells in front of body with arms straight. Lunge forward with one leg while opening both arms out to sides. As you step the feet together, bring the arms to starting position. Repeat sequence.

Single-Arm Chest Press with Row Bars

Stand in a staggered stance position, holding both handles of the row bars. Perform chest press motion with one arm at a time. Repeat. If you are not in a swim spa by Master Spas, you can also use aquatic dumbbells.

Standing Tricep Press

Stand in staggered-stance position, hold handles in both hands with elbows bent to 90º close to body. Press arms backward to extend elbow. Return. Repeat.

Power Splits

Stand with one leg forward and one leg back, attempt to jump and lift off floor landing in opposite leg position. Repeat.

Lateral Lunge with Ball

Hold ball in front of chest. Lunge to side on one leg. Return to start position. Repeat with opposite leg.

Single Leg Scales

Stand on one leg with ball under water, slowly lean forward extending opposite leg behind and arms straight forward. Return to start position. Repeat.

Plowing With Kickboard

Stand holding kickboard in both hands, elbows bent at sides. Quickly walk forward, stabilizing abdominals.

morning exercise
A swim spa by Master Spas makes it easier and more fun to establish a morning workout routine.

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