The EcoPur Charge removes water-soluble heavy metals from your hot tub

Reduce Hot Tub Maintenance with EcoPur Charge

Few things are more disappointing than getting ready to take a restorative soak in a hot tub only to discover that the water is not crystal clear. But you can avoid this scenario with a high-quality water purification system that makes hot tub maintenance easy.

The EcoPur® Charge, exclusive to Master Spas, is revolutionizing hot tub maintenance, filtering water the way that Mother Nature intended. The system allows you to spend more time enjoying your hot tub and less time worrying about the quality of the water.

hot tub maintenance
Regular hot tub maintenance is key to enjoying your hot tub by Master Spas. The EcoPur Charge water filtration system makes it easier to take care of your hot tub water, while using fewer chemicals.

Importance of Clean Hot Tub Water

Making sure your water is clean ensures that your hot tub delivers optimum health and relaxation benefits.

But traditional hot tub maintenance requires the use of harsh chemicals or salt. These additives, including salt, can affect your skin and swimwear, as well as cause damage to your hot tub’s plumbing. The chemicals act as a corrosive agent over time.

Currently, there’s currently no option for a chemical-free way to maintain your hot tub. However, the innovative, EcoPur® Charge significantly reduces the need for harsh chemicals to keep hot tub water clean.

Hot Tub Maintenance with EcoPur

The warm water of a hot tub can be relaxing. The temperature and organic matter, though, can make it a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and algae.

Hot tub maintenance tip: Do not wear lotions or oils into the hot tub and keep long hair pulled up.

To remove contaminates from the water a tightly wrapped filtration fabric is loaded into a spring core. Water flows through the EcoPur filter, causing a chemical reaction that releases controlled amounts of zinc and copper into the water. These natural elements safely eliminate contaminants from the water — preventing algae, fungus, and bacteria from growing. This process mimics the way water is filtered in nature. As a hot tub owner, you will spend less money on chemicals, and more time enjoying your hot tub.

Do You Want Clean Hot Tub Water?

EcoPur® Charge is only available from Master Spas. Our customers have access to one of the most advanced water purification systems on the market. Additionally, Master Spas customers with an older purification model can upgrade their filtration system to EcoPur® Charge simply by contacting their Master Spas dealer.

Your dealer will be able to best direct you on how to replace your current filter cartridge with EcoPur® Charge.