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How to control your hot tub jets

A hot tub can be your sanctuary — a place where you can disconnect from the outside world and just be. Whether you want to soak in the warm water or take advantage of the massage jets, it’s a soothing environment that promotes your well-being. 

But the key to maximizing your enjoyment is dialing in the hot tub jets. A benefit of an at-home hot tub is that you can adjust the water pressure for a custom massage. 

Master Spas hot tubs are designed to be easy to use. There are some tips and tricks, though, to getting the most out of your soaks. From turning on the jets to adjusting the diverters, this guide will help you control your hot tub jets like a pro.

can a hot tub help with sore muscles
The hot tub jets deliver a therapeutic massage that you can customize. But how do you control the hot tub jets? You use the pump settings, diverters, and air controls.

Using your hot tub jets

Hot tub pumps help circulate the water throughout your spa. And, as it moves toward the jets, the water is combined with air. The pumps push out that combo through the jets, which creates the bubbles and massage that hot tubs are known for.

hot tub control panel

Control panel

What is the first step in turning on the jets? Beyond taking off the hot tub cover and stepping into the water. You need to turn on the hot tub pumps.

Master Spas hot tubs feature a topside control panel that you control with the touch of an icon*.

You will press the jet icon once for low speed. For high speed, press it once more.  

Depending on your spa, you might have more than one pump and the option to set each pump to a different speed or pressure.

hot tub diverters

Jets and diverters

You can further customize your soaking experience by turning on individual jets and diverting the water.

Many Master Spas hot tubs have adjustable jets. By turning the outer ring of the jet, you can turn it on or off. Turn it clockwise for full pressure. To turn off an individual jet, turn it counter-clockwise.

But what about the knobs on the top of the spa. The larger knobs are called diverters, which help direct the water of your hot tub. You can turn the diverters so that water is moving through all jets of the spa. Or, use the diverters to direct water to certain seats.  

Other tips

There are times when you just need more. Whether you had a tough workout or are struggling with pain, there are times when you want to target the jets to a particular area and increase the water pressure.

But how do you make your hot tub jets stronger?

There are a few options to customize your spa experience. If you need relief in your shoulders, you can turn off the jets near your low back. This will allow for more water to be pushed through the open jets. 

In addition, turning off the waterfalls and other water features can also make sure that the pumps are directing water through the hydrotherapy jets. 

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You deserve to get the most out of your hot tub. If you are struggling, these tips can help you troubleshoot your hot tub jet issues.

Troubleshoot hot tub jets 

There are many benefits to owning a hot tub. You can enjoy having a space to unwind and reconnect with family. Soaking in a spa can help you sleep better and ease anxiety. 

If you step into the spa to find that the hot tub jets are not working, there’s no need to stress. You just need to check a few things to determine the culprit.

Water level

Your hot tub water level needs to be at the right level so water can circulate properly. When the water is too low, the filters cannot pull enough water to generate pressure through the jets.

But it’s also important that your water level is not too high. If the water level is too high, a check valve will drip and it might look like the spa is leaking. How do you know if your spa water is at the right level? You want to make sure your neck and shoulder jets are NOT in the water – they are designed to be above water. Also, there should be a label in your spa to show you where the water line should be.

Check your filters

Filters are key to efficient water flow. When they are dirty, the water cannot move through the spa with enough pressure. If you feel like your hot tub jets should be stronger, clean and replace your filters. Follow the directions in your owner’s manual for cleaning your filters.

Clean your jets

Most spa jets are removable and should be cleaned as part of regular maintenance. If you need more pressure from the hot tub jets, remove the jets and follow the cleaning directions in your owner’s manual. Check the body of the jet to make sure there is no debris that could be affecting the flow of water.

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