how to clean your hot tub

How to clean your hot tub

It’s hard to beat the comfort and calm of a hot tub. But to keep the hot tub and water looking beautiful, it’s important to take care of your personal retreat with regular cleaning.

October is the perfect time to drain, clean, and refill your hot tub. The weather (depending on where you live) is not too hot, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is still in the distance.

Cleaning your hot tub will not only help it look better but make it easier to keep the water balanced. That’s a win-win in our book. 

clean hot tub
Cleaning your hot tub shell helps maintain the life of your spa and keeps it looking good.

5 Steps to a Sparkling Clean Hot Tub

1. Drain

To really clean your hot tub, it needs to be empty. You should drain your hot tub every six months, and this is a great time to clean the shell of your spa.

There are several ways to drain your hot tub, from using a submersible pump to creating a siphon with a garden hose. In addition, many Master Spas hot tubs have an internal drain that make removing the water easy.

Refer to your owner’s manual for more information.

After draining your hot tub, you might notice that there is standing water in the foot well and seats. Use a shop vac to remove any residual water.

2. Wipe

Once your hot tub is empty, it’s time to go in with a soft cloth and cleaner. Be sure to use a cleaner designed for acrylic to clean the hot tub shell, jets, and other controls. You want to be wary of materials that can scratch or damage the acrylic of your hot tub shell, as well as taking off the sheen. It’s the equivalent of sanding a car. 

3. Spot treat

When you are cleaning the empty hot tub, you might notice some stubborn mineral-based buildup. To tackle those lines, you can use white vinegar or mild scale remover product with a soft cloth. 

It might be tempting to use a product like a magic eraser. However, these sponges can be abrasive and scratch the surface of your hot tub.

Always, if you have any questions, be sure to talk with your local Master Spas dealer.

4. Rinse

Be sure to rinse your hot tub thoroughly as many cleaners will likely cause foaming.  That’s fine during the cleaning process but it’s definitely not something you want to see when you refill your hot tub. Residual cleaners can also affect the chemistry of your spa water. 

Rinse the cleaned surfaces with fresh water from your garden hose and wipe with soft cloth as doing so will help to remove residual cleaning agents.

Again, use a shop vac to remove any standing water. You will want a fresh start when it comes time to refilling your spa with fresh water.

5. Spa pillows

While you are cleaning the shell of your hot tub, it’s also a good time to take off your spa pillows and give them a good rinse. This helps improve pillow lifespan and slows down deterioration of the pillows (i.e. discoloring, becoming stiff and flaking of the material). 

Aside from Master Spas’ Clarity hot tubs, most spas feature pillows with two plugs on the backside of the pillow. We must be careful when removing not to damage these plugs because they keep the pillows in place. 

Pillows on clarity hot tubs are easier to remove because they do not have the plugs.

Check out our Quick Tip video about how to clean your spa pillows!

just bought a hot tub
Rinsing your filters should be a part of your hot tub maintenance routine. Try to schedule it at the same time every month so it’s easy to remember.

Other considerations when cleaning your hot tub 

Your hot tub become your go-to place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Soaking in warm water, especially with the jets on, is undoubtedly therapeutic. As a hot tub owner, you might be focused on keeping the water so it’s safe, clean, and inviting is just as important.

However, there are other considerations when it comes to routine maintenance.

When you drain your hot tub and take time to clean the surface, there are some additional steps to keeping your spa like new.

Hot tub filters

The filter elements are one of the most important components of your spa. Not only are they essential for clean water but they keep your hot tub looking clean and extend the life of the spa equipment. You should clean your filter on a regular basis and replace the EcoPur element every six months. Draining your hot tub for cleaning is the perfect time to replace the element.  

Hot tub cover

Always use an approved insulating spa cover by Master Spas to cover your spa when not in use, especially in outdoor installations.

Preventing sun damage

If you are not in your hot tub, you should not leave your spa left open, uncovered in direct sun for too long. The heat from the direct sun on warm days can cause damage to components. In addition, it can cause the knobs, spa pillows, and filter covers to fade.

hot tub cover
Keeping the cover of your hot tub clean is an important part of hot tub maintenance.

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