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What Makes an Energy-Efficient Hot Tub

This post was originally published on April 22, 2019.

Soaking in a hot tub might make you feel good. However, you might find yourself wondering how a hot tub will impact your electric bill. 

Jets, lounge seats, and foot massage might be popular features of a hot tub. The cost to operate a hot tub is also an important “feature” to consider when buying a hot tub. An energy-efficient hot tub, which has full foam insulation and a snug-fitting cover, might have a bigger price tag. However, the hot tub will cost less to operate long-term.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy efficient appliances can save you anywhere between 5% to 30% a month on your utility bill. A spa that is built to meet the most stringent energy-efficient standards, like those from Master Spas, will consume less energy and cost you less. 

Choosing an energy-efficient hot tub will also help protect you from an increase in utility rates. The cost you pay per kilowatt hour can fluctuate throughout the year. But, over the past decade, electricity rates have increased. If you choose a spa that does not have energy-efficient features, you will see a bigger impact on your electricity bill when rates change.

What makes a hot tub energy efficient? Quality construction and building materials, full foam insulation, and a snug-fitting cover that is designed to keep in heat.

energy efficient hot tub
A properly fitting hot tub cover can help you save energy and keep utility costs low.

5 Tips for a More Energy-Efficient Hot Tub

Want to maximize the energy efficiency of your hot tub from Master Spas? Here are some things that you can do today, on Earth Day, and every day.

The Right Temperature. Lower the temperature of the water when you are not using your hot tub to make it more energy efficient. It might mean a short wait for it to warm up but it will save energy and keep your utility bill down. Turning down the heat 10 degrees can save 20%!

Power Off. Turn off the jets when you get out of the hot tub. The jets use air to move water, which is great when you are enjoying your hot tub. But when it’s not in use? The water cools the water, and you’ll spend more to keep it at your chosen temperature.

Regular Maintenance. Sticking to the maintenance schedule for your hot tub will help with energy usage. And, the water will be cleaner and more refreshing. Clogged filters affect the circulation of your hot tub water and will cause your pump to work overtime. The heater will perform less efficiently, increasing your electric use and monthly bill.

Protection. Install your hot tub under a gazebo or pergola. The structures will provide protection and shade, which helps save energy.

Keep It Covered. Buy and use a well-fitting cover. At Master Spas, we make high-quality covers at our Fort Wayne, Indiana, campus. The covers are designed specifically for your hot tub and made, by hand, to fit snugly on your tub. The cover helps keep heat in and prevents water loss so it takes less energy to heat the water. And, there’s a reduced need to refill the tub.

clean hot tub filter
A good hot tub filter system, such as the Master Spas EcoPur Charge Master Core Technology, keeps your water cleaner. Hot tub owners will also appreciate not having to replace the water as often.

3 Ways Master Spas Builds an Energy-Efficient Hot Tub

Master Spas has been recognized by Consumer Affairs for making energy-efficient hot tubs. And they say it best:

By their very nature, well-built, high-quality hot tubs are more energy efficient than those of lesser quality. Quality starts with the reputation of the manufacturer, the type of materials used and the quality of construction and installation.


Consumer Affairs shares that a good foam insulation keeps heat from escaping the sides of the hot tub.

Master Spas uses a special foam insulation to keep the elements out and the energy in. The Icynene foam insulation retains its insulating value for the life of your hot tub. Urethane-based foam, which is used by others in the market, can lose 50% of its insulating value within two years.

Even better? The insulation does not produce any harmful off-gas. And, it’s the only insulating material certified by the Envirodesic Certification Program for healthier air quality.


Mother Nature knows best, and we took followed her cues when we designed our water purification system. The EcoPur® Charge Master Core Technology filters out contaminants, microorganisms and heavy metals from the water. The Ozone system kills pathogens and microorganisms, while destroying organic materials, so you need fewer chemicals. And your hot tub water is clean and refreshing every time you take a dip.

Not only does the technology keep the water refreshing and crisp, a good filter system means that you have to replace the water less. And that’s something Mother Nature (and your water bill) will appreciate.

LED Lights

Our hot tubs featured integrated and optional lighting packages. The LED technology we use lasts longer, costs less, and produces more light per watt than incandescent bulbs.

Your backyard landscape will glow more with less energy so that you can enjoy an evening soak.