best way to clean hot tub filters

Your Complete Guide to Hot Tub Filters

Do you want to know the secret to having clean hot tub water? Hint: It’s not just about the chemicals — but it is about the chemicals a little bit.

The unsung hero of perfect water is your hot tub filter. Water moves through the filter (thank you circulation system!) and removes the things you don’t want in your water. Good bye dirt, debris, and bacteria.   

Add in the chemicals and, together, they work with the filtration system to remove other contaminants. 

Just like any good duo, though, you have to take care of both parts of the relationship. The chemicals can only do so much. 

But what’s the best way to take care of the hot tub filter? (Clue: It might be a night out but you should skip the chocolate and flowers.)

Master Spas recommends rinsing your filters once a week, cleaning them once a month, and replacing them once a year. 

Making time to properly maintain will ensure you can enjoy your spa day after day, night after night.

best way to clean hot tub filter
The best way to clean your hot tub filter is to use a garden hose with a gentle flow of water.

What Does a Filter Do?

A hot tub would just be a giant bath or kiddie pool without a filtration system. Over time, the still water would become dirty and bacteria and algae grow. 

But when water is moving, and moving through the plumbing and filtration system, it is evenly heated and purified. The clean water is returned to the spa so that you can soak comfortably and safely.  

Master Spas’ exclusive EcoPur Charge filter is made from a  patented filtration fabric. The pleats in the fabric help catch large contaminants while the natural minerals target smaller contaminants. 

Don’t underestimate the pleats in the filter. The folding of the fabric increases the surface area, making it easier for the filter to catch dirt and clean your water.

Note: You might get an error code on your panel when the filters are dirty.

hot tub filter
The water of your hot tub moves through the hot tub filters and, once clean, moves through the plumbing and heater. This process keeps the water clean and evenly heated.

Best Way to Clean Hot Tub Filters

From start to finish, cleaning your hot tub filters will take less time than your typical evening soak. In fact, the prime time to take care of your filters might be after that relaxing session in the hot tub. You’re already in your swim suit, relaxed, and won’t mind turning off the hot tub for 15 minutes or so.

Your Filter Cleaning Checklist

  • Turn off your hot tub at the breaker
  • Remove the filter weir and, using the handle, turn the filter counter-clockwise
  • Use a garden hose to rinse the filters. This is just a gentle rinse — not a power wash. If the water pressure is too high, it can tear or break the filter fabric. 
  • Allow the filters to dry 
  • Replace the filters
  • Turn on the breaker

Want to make it even easier to clean filters? Have a second set that you can alternate between cleanings. Simply take out the first set of filters, replace with the second set, and then clean the first. Allow them to dry and store in a safe place until the next week.

Once a month, you will want to soak your filters overnight in a filter cleaner.

The best way to clean your hot tub filters is to be consistent and use products designed for your filter. Do not use products like bleach or dish soap.

how to replace hot tub filters
Master Spas recommends that you replace your filters every year. Where can you find filters for your Master Spas hot tub? Your local retailer will have them available.

Replacing Hot Tub Filters

Master Spas recommends replacing your filters every year, and you should replace the EcoPur element every six months. 

But those are just guidelines. How many people use your hot tub and how often you use it can change how often you need to clean and replace your filters. It’s important to inspect your filters to see whether they need to be replaced.

Among the things that you should look for is if the filter fabric looks fuzzy or frayed, or it is torn. The pleats should not stick together or collapse, especially after you have cleaned the filter. Also look to see if the fabric is separating from the end cap.

We won’t necessarily tell you to smell your filter. But, if you can smell it, without trying, you should replace it — especially if the odor hangs around after cleaning. 

Hot tub filters should also be replaced if the end caps are bleached, brittle, or cracked. Inspect the band, if it has one, to see whether it is broken, loose, or missing. 

Where can I find filters for my Master Spas hot tub?

You can find filters for your hot tub at your local Master Spas retailer.