How to Clean Hot Tub Filters

Video Tutorials

If it's been more than 30 days since you cleaned your hot tub filters, or if you're experiencing a hot tub flo error, this step-by-step how-to video will guide you through how to clean your hot tub filters. If you are a swim spa owner, the process for cleaning swim spa filters is the same.

In this short video, our Master Spas TV Host, Maddiy, talks you through everything you need to know including the best way to clean hot tub filters, what hot tub filter cleaner to use and when not to use a filter cleaner. We even discuss common hot tub error codes related to your spa filter including the hot tub flo error and the dreaded Dr code.

Steps to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

So you may be asking why do I need to clean my filter? A dirty filter reduces the performance of your pump or pumps, makes it more difficult to keep the water clean, and in some cases will not allow the heater to operate.

In these cases, you might see one of these messages on your control panel, if you have a touch screen on your spa, you might see the water flow is low, the water flow has failed, the heater may be dry the heater is dry. If your spa is not equipped with the touch screen. You might see HL, LF, Dr, or Dy.

On the flip side, a clean filter allows for great filtration, easier to maintain water, and a hot tub that is ready for you when you're ready for it.

How often you need to clean your filters depends on a few things. First, what's your source water like? If you've recently filled up your hot tub you'll need to clean the filters within a few days to remove any contaminants from the source water. To help avoid cleaning the filter so quickly you can use a pre-filter next time and attach it to your garden hose when filling. Also, if your Master Spas gets use more often you'll need to clean your filters more frequently. We recommend cleaning your filter about once a month under normal circumstances.

Here are the things you'll want to have ready for this simple project:

  • Garden hose
  • Bucket
  • Filter cleaner
  • Towel

First turn the power off to your Master Spas hot tub. If you don't do this you run the risk of having other debris getting pulled down the filter fitting and we don't want that to happen.

Next take the spa filters out. Some Master Spas have one hot tub filter some have two and some of our swim spas may have three filters. Most Master Spas have a unique EcoPur Charge filter. We're going to set that aside for now and focus on the other filter.

You can remove any larger items from this filter like leaves first. Then spray the filter down. This rinse gets heavier items free from the filter. Once you've done that grab your five-gallon bucket pour the filter cleaning agent, which you can get at your local dealer, while adding water. Check the filter cleaner bottle for specific dosage. Once filled add the filter and let it soak overnight.

While this is going on we can clean the EcoPur Charge just by rinsing it. Then remove the filter and rinse it thoroughly. Any residual filter cleaner left in it may cause foaming once you get it back in your spa. Your local dealer may have a faster spray cleaning option. This doesn't deep clean like soaking it in the solution overnight, but will help. You can do that one or two times a month before you do the heavy duty cleaning.

The outer filter can be cleaned and reused several times and should have a lifespan of at least a year with proper care. The EcoPur filter should never be cleaned with any chemical solution, since that will compromise the minerals that are in it. Instead, just rinse it. The EcoPur filter should be replaced every six months.

For European countries, please refer to this Water Chemistry Guide for appropriate chemical levels per BS EN 17125:2018.