Water Chemistry Guide for European Countries

Before treating your water, refer to the Model Specifications section of your owner's manual for the correct gallons of your spa, to ensure you are adding the correct amount of chemicals. The concentration of active ingredients in spa chemicals varies by manufacturer, so always consult chemical manufacturer's instructions. When adding spa chemicals, always spread them across the surface of the water while the pumps are running. See chart below for recommended ranges per BS EN 17125:2018.

Hot tub water chemistry guide from european countries NOTE: The Indicative physical and chemical parameters when using chlorine disinfectant outlined in this guide are specified to comply per EU regulation (BS EN 17125:2018). Regulatory agencies in countries outside of the EU may require different values than what is outlined here. If the spa is installed in a country outside of the EU, check with your local regulatory body for recommended chemical levels in your area. Improper use of chemicals may result in unsanitary and unsafe water conditions as well as unwarranted discoloration, degradation, damage and other imperfections of the spa surface and components.