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Introducing the 15/90 Challenge! New swim spa workout routines

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live — January 4, 2023

Do you want to get active and stay active? With the Master Spas 15/90 Challenge, you can discover new ways to workout in your swim spa.

The 15/90 Challenge includes six all new swim spa workout routines, which will be released over the course of 12 weeks. Each swim spa workout routine will be designed for all fitness levels, whether you are a beginner, returning to exercise, or just want to take your fitness to the next level.

The first swim spa workout routine in the challenge includes nine exercises and stretches. This workout is a foundation for the 15/90 Challenge, allowing you to make sure you are ready for the following workouts. The swim spa workout routine targets your shoulders and knees. While building strength, you will also be able to improve your flexibility and mobility.

Learn more about the 15/90 Challenge:

Master Spas swim spas offer a space to swim, exercise, and relax without the stress of going to the gym. Water exercise is an effective way to improve your fitness without the stress on your joints.

Also in this Facebook live video, they also answer questions from viewers. Topics include:

  • Maintaining bone density and lean muscle tissue with water exercise
  • Heating up your swim spa
  • Installing the rowing bars on your swim spa
  • Changing the water temperature by more than 3 degrees
  • Best sports watch for swimming in the swim spa

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