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Facebook Live — January 18, 2023

Master Spas 15/90 Challenge continues with a workout designed to build strength and muscular endurance. The second swim spa workout in the 15/90 Challenge is a full-body water workout. Exercises include trunk twists, calf raises, and bicep curls.

A 12-week wellness program, the 15/90 Challenge will include six water exercise routines designed for Master Spas swim spas. A new 15-minute workout will be released every two weeks. You can incorporate these swim spa routines to kickstart your health journey or take your fitness to the next level.

Learn more about the 15/90 Challenge:

Are you wondering whether you should move your workouts from the gym floor to the water? Being in the water is a fun and effective way to incorporate movement into your wellness routine. However, the drive to the pool and facility hours can be an obstacle — especially if you have a busy schedule. A Master Spas swim spa brings home the convenience of a pool with the therapy of a hot tub. There are endless ways to exercise in a swim spa, from swimming to stretching. Plus, you can take advantage of the hot tub jets.

In this Facebook live video, Ben and Mari also answer questions from viewers. Topics include:

  • How do you select a water temperature for the swim spa? Do you change it based on the season?
  • What chemicals should I add each week to my swim spa?
  • How deep is a swim spa? Which swim spa depth is best for water exercise?

How much does a Master Spas swim spa cost? Request pricing for the H2X Challenger 15D and other models: