buying a saltwater hot tub

Considering a saltwater hot tub? Pros and cons

Saltwater hot tubs hold a lot of appeal. They are touted to be low maintenance, chemical free, and better for you. 

However, the reality of owning a saltwater hot tub might not be the same as the marketing pitch. They are often more expensive upfront, require just as much maintenance, and might need additional service as the salty water affects components. 

Before you buy a saltwater hot tub, it’s important to understand how the spa will work; how much it will cost to operate; and what the maintenance will be like. 

salt water hot tub
Saltwater hot tub owners will still have to regularly check the water chemistry of their spas. Saltwater systems are more likely to have higher levels of calcium.

6 truths about owning a saltwater hot tub

Adding salt creates a chemical reaction.

Saltwater hot tubs have a cell or cartridge to create a reaction (electrolysis) with the salt. The result? Chlorine. So that saltwater hot tub that doesn’t need chlorine still has chlorine. 

Regular maintenance required.

Manufacturers claim that the water care system is self-maintaining, implying that spa owners have to do very little — if anything — to keep the water clean and balanced. However, no matter which hot tub you buy, you will have to regularly test the water, balance the chemicals, and rinse filters. The timing varies but the schedule is similar to a traditional hot tub.

Saltwater is hard on components.

While manufacturers tout that saltwater spas are better for people, the water can be very damaging to the tub itself. Salt is corrosive and can damage elements such as the heaters, pump seals, bearings in the jets, and any stainless-steel fittings. 

Adding salt affects the pH of the water.

The reaction between the salt and ions can change the chemistry of the water. Saltwater hot tubs are more likely to have higher calcium levels than traditional hot tubs. Owners of a saltwater hot tub will have to add a calcium remover to balance the water. They might also notice calcium residue on the acrylic of the tub during regular maintenance.

Salt will build up.

Owners of saltwater hot tubs will notice salt residue on the spa and will need to periodically clean the spa and surrounding areas. 

Saltwater hot tubs require cartridge replacement.

When you are buying a hot tub, you will likely expect to have to clean and/or replace a filter. A saltwater hot tub, though, also has a cartridge to create the chemical reaction. Depending on the manufacturer and model, a cartridge will need to be replaced every four months — increasing how much it costs to own a hot tub.

saltwater hot tub
A saltwater hot tub requires regular maintenance, just as a traditional spa. It’s also more expensive upfront. A hot tub by Master Spas uses mineral filtration for clear, clean water.

Benefits of mineral filtration 

When you are buying a hot tub, you want a spa that offers easy maintenance, clean water, and few chemicals.

Master Spas uses a mineral filtration system, which helps hot tub owners maintain crystal clear water with fewer chemicals. 

The EcoPur Charge hot tub filter replicates the way nature uses copper and zinc to purify water and remove dirt, bacteria, and algae. The innovative design features a nautilus cell and spring core that allow for maximum water flow. As the water flows through this master core, it is charged by low levels of copper and zinc oxides. These natural elements are safe for your hot tub and create a more efficient way to maintain clear, clean water. 

By filtering water the way Mother Nature does, this technology reduces water-soluble heavy metals and, in the process, decreases the amount of harsh chemicals needed to purify the spa water. EcoPur® Charge also controls scale, bacteria and algae, safeguards the hot tub’s plumbing and helps prevent damage to swimwear.

How to buy a hot tub

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