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The HIIT List: Interval Training for the Swim Spa

Interval training is a popular talking point when it comes to weight loss and exercise.

An effective form of exercise, interval training involves short bursts of work followed by rest. Studies have shown that people lose more weight when including interval training into a workout plan.

But the style of training can be intimidating for beginning exercisers or those who have joint pain.

However, exercisers can take their interval workout into a swim spa from Master Spas. The natural properties of water allow to achieve a higher intensity without the impact. 

The buoyancy of water “reduces” a person’s bodyweight by up to 90 percent — so you can go from weighing 160 pounds to “weighing” 16. It increases the feeling of support while decreasing the impact. 

And another property of water — resistance — can add another challenge to a workout, helping to increase the intensity. 

Discover how you can achieve your weight-loss goals while exercising in a swim spa from Master Spas!

Interval Training Basics

There are different approaches to interval training, from HIIT to Tabata to sprint intervals. Each might have a different ratio of work and rest but the idea is the same.

An aquatic HIIT workout from the American Council on Exercise suggests a 45/15 ration — 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. But the intervals can be adapted based on a person’s fitness — and comfort — level.

Swim spas from Master Spas also feature the SoftTread™ floor system, which not only keeps you from slipping but cushions movements.

swimming interval workout
Swimming is an ideal exercise for taking your interval workout to a swim spa from Master Spas.

Interval Training for Weight Loss

A recent analysis of 41 studies, which had a total of 1,115 participants, examined the benefits of interval training. 

The conclusion? Interval training can help people lose more weight in less time.

The article shared that the exercise recommendation for weight loss can equate up to an hour a day. It can be difficult to exercise a few times week, much less to commit to 420 minutes a week. Interval training requires less total time because the sessions are more intense. 

According to the report, interval training resulted in a 28.5 percent greater reduction of weight than continuous moderate intensity exercise.

Interval training triggers a hormone response in the body that benefits weight loss, and studies also show that it can improve insulin levels. One study reported that sedentary men with Type II Diabetes lost abdominal fat and improved insulin sensitivity with an interval program.

Before You Take the Plunge

  • Safety first. Always perform a warm-up and be mindful of form during the workout portion.
  • Stay hydrated. Even if you don’t feel like your sweating, you will need to replenish fluids.
  • Work at your own pace. The goal is to feel challenged, not defeated.  
  • Rest is key to being able to work hard during the intervals. Take advantage of the breaks!
  • Interval workouts don’t have to be long! They can be 10 minutes (not including warm-up or cool down).
  • Consult with a doctor if you are new to exercise or have a chronic condition. 
interval workout water
Rowing in a swim spa from Master Spas can be incorporated into an interval workout.

Water Interval Workout Exercises


Every swim spa from Master Spas comes with the H2Xercise Fitness System, which includes a set of rowing bars. Perform rowing motion in a seated position. Keep core engaged and maintain proper posture.

Tuck Jumps

Jump in place, bringing knees up towards chest with both feet equally. Land with knees slightly bent. Repeat.

Split Lunge

Stand with your legs together. Jump the legs apart, with one leg forward and one leg back. Bend at the knee and sink down. Jump up and switch legs. Repeat. 

Star Jumps

A plyometric version of a jumping jack, create the letter “X” with your arms and legs. Return to starting position with legs together and arms at your chest.  

Speed Skaters

Begin in a standing position with your feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent. Jump sideways to the left, landing on your left leg. Your right foot can tap behind or be lifted. Jump to the right, landing on your right foot.  Repeat.


In a swim spa from Master Spas, turn up the current and maintain a steady pace during the work interval. Beginners can even walk at a brisk pace if jogging does not feel good. If you feel good jogging, incorporate your upper body to increase the intensity.


Swimming is a great way to incorporate intervals. For professional athletes, like Michael Phelps, intervals are an integral part of the training. Increase the current resistance on your swim spa from Master Spas to bump up the intensity. 

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