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H2X Trainer 15D: World’s best swim spa

When Nick and Lisa were shopping for the best swim spa for their family, they wanted a spa that was big enough to swim and have fun. The couple has two daughters, who love to swim and play in the water. And Lisa wanted to be able to rehab a back injury in the swim spa. The spa, though, could not be so big that it overwhelmed their suburban backyard. 

The solution? The H2X Trainer 15D. This 15-foot swim spa by Master Spas was ideal for their young family. The swim area was spacious but the footprint was perfect for the space-conscious homeowners. 

Nick and Lisa are like many other swim spa owners, choosing the H2X Trainer 15D for its size and functionality. The model is the best-selling swim spa by Master Spas, the world’s largest swim spa manufacturer. 

What makes the H2X Trainer 15D the best swim spa? 

The H2X Trainer 15D makes it easy to swim, exercise, and relax at home. An alternative to an in-ground lap pool, a swim spa has an endless swim current for exercise; increased depth for buoyancy; and therapy jets for relaxation. 

And, with a reasonable footprint, the H2X Trainer 15D can be installed in many backyards without compromising outdoor living space.

best swim spa
The H2X Trainer 15D makes it easy to swim, exercise, and relax at home. An alternative to an in-ground lap pool, a swim spa has an endless swim current for exercise; increased depth for buoyancy; and therapy jets for relaxation.

Exercising in a Swim Spa

The best swim spas have a generous swim area that makes exercising at home comfortable and safe.

The Trainer 15D is obstacle-free and has an increased depth so that you have the space you want to move freely. There’s plenty of room to swim, aqua jog, walk, dance, and stretch in the warm water. You can adjust the speed of the water current, depending on your fitness level and wellness goals. 

An optional feature, the SoftTread non-slip flooring system offers traction and cushion. Water walk or jog without those unattractive water shoes! Plus, you will feel safe as you enter and exit the spa as it’s applied to each entry and exit step as well as the large floor area. 

Master Spas swim spas also come with the H2Xercise Kit, which includes resistance tubing and row bars. Resistance exercise, such as bicep curls and flyes, can be done in the low-impact environment in the convenience and comfort of home.

15-foot swim spa
The H2X Trainer 15D has an endless swim current so that users can swim in place. But you can use the H2X Trainer 15D for more than just swimming. The water current provides resistance for walking, jogging, and other exercise.

How Does a Swim Spa Work

A swim spa is different from a pool. When you look at the swim experience, the difference is in the water current. Swimming in a lap pool or in-ground pool requires flip turns. And, don’t forget, there’s a temptation to rest at the wall. In the H2X Trainer 15D, you can swim (or walk or jog) against the endless current without having to stop. You can find your rhythm and focus on form and endurance.

The current is created by a jet system, which releases water into the spa. The H2X Trainer 15D has four air-injected VIP jets that create a smoother flow of water than traditional jetted swim spas. 

The flow of water can be adjusted by changing the speed of water from low to high, as well as turning the diverter valves. The H2X Trainer 15D has two pumps, which makes it easier to find the perfect pace combination.

best swim spa
The H2X Trainer 15D is a space where the whole family can have fun and enjoy the water.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Unwind after work

“This is the perfect gift for our family. We spend our afternoons enjoying the swim area and relaxing in the spa. It’s great after a hard day’s work and perfect for me to catch up on my swimming.”

— Salmon, Ontario

Pool alternative for fitness and relaxation

“My husband and I debated whether to put in a pool, but decided that we didn’t want to wreck a large part of the yard in order to do so. Also, the swim spa is practical to use year-round, unlike an in-ground pool which is costly to heat enough to use in the winter. We just got it set up and are using it most evenings. I wanted it mostly for exercise, but I’m finding that I enjoy relaxing in it as well.”

— Glenna Rae, California

At-home aquatic therapy

“I have a genetic disease that causes a great deal of pain and muscle weakness, so exercise is often very difficult for me. We purchased this swim spa after several physicians prescribed hydrotherapy, and it is INCREDIBLE! When I am in a great deal of pain, I can float in the warm water, move gently to reduce inflammation, or sit/stand in front of the jets. The warm water also helps to reduce stress and calm my central nervous system down. It has also been a great way for my husband, who is my primary caregiver, to relax.” 

— Leah,  Texas

Wonderful investment for staying healthy

“The swim spa is the perfect solution for non-weight bearing exercise for those of us who have experienced injuries with decreased mobility and flexibility. The rest of the family can swim, exercise, or just relax in the warm, ozonated water.”

— Neanie, Texas

Top-notch swim spa experience

“Glad we upgraded to this spa. The grandkids have a blast. My wife has always wanted a pool but costs wouldn’t work for us. She and I both have arthritis at the knees and the exercise we get along with the spa section for just relaxing has exceeded our expectations. Your friendly, considerate, and timely service employees have made the whole experience top notch.”

— Gary, California