Team Master Spas

Master Spas is committed to supporting athletes in their efforts to balance life and athletics — whether they are pursuing a world title or want to maintain health.


Michael Phelps is one of the world's most successful athletes, earning 23 gold medals. Phelps first began working with Master Spas in 2010, after he had splashed onto the world swimming scene. Swimming in a swim spa “helped me develop the best freestyle stroke I've had in my career," Phelps says. Now retired, the dad of four boys swims for mental and physical well-being.

Mirinda Carfrae - Professional Triathlete


Mirinda Carfrae, or Rinny as she's known, began competing in triathlon in her native Australia when she was a teenager. She has won the IRONMAN® World Championship title three times, proving to be a force in the sport. An H2X Challenger by Master Spas allows her to balance fitness, family, and recovery.

Ben Hoffman - Professional Triathlete


Based in Tucson, Arizona, Ben Hoffman won his first IRONMAN race in 2010 at Lake Placid. He's gone on to win six more and has made the podium at the IRONMAN® World Championships. Hoffman trains in an H2X Challenger by Master Spas, which allows him to improve his swim technique and prioritize his recovery.


Master Spas brought together members of Team Master Spas for a special Zoom call as part of its annual dealer meeting. They offered a unique perspective sharing how they incorporate a swim spa into their training and family life. The athletes participating in the call included professional triathletes Ben Hoffman, Mirinda Carfrae, Tim O'Donnell and Meredith Kessler; professional runner Jordan Hasay; and influencers Taren Gesell and James Lawrence.

Tim O'Donnell - Professional Triathlete


One of the world's most successful triathletes, Tim O'Donnell has finished on the podium more than 50 times. O'Donnell finished second at the 2019 IRONMAN® World Championship in Kona, HI and recorded the fastest American finish ever (7:59:40). Training in an H2X Challenger 18D Pro, O'Donnell regularly incorporates aqua jogging and recovery swims into his schedule.

Ben Kanute - Triathlete


Ben Kanute was 7-years-old when he watched his dad compete in a triathlon. And it was that day that he decided he wanted to one day swim, bike, and run. Kanute began training with a Chicago area youth triathlon club, and he quickly rose through the ranks of junior and collegiate competitions. He represented the United States at the 2016 Games in Rio and has secured multiple national titles and international podium finishes. Kanute trains in an H2X Challenger by Master Spas, which allows him to improve his swim technique and prioritize his recovery.

Justin Madeiros - Crossfit Athlete


Once a stand-out wrestler and football, Justin Medeiros was first introduced to CrossFit as a teenager. And since then, has established himself as a competitor on the CrossFit stage. The California native has twice earned the title of the Fittest Man on Earth and was also named Rookie of the Year in 2020. Medeiros incorporates a Valaris contrast therapy tub into his recovery routine. The innovative offering from Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs by Master Spas, the Valaris allows Medeiros to combine the benefits of cold water immersion with the therapy of a hot tub.

Ben Hoffman swimming in an H2X Challenger series swim spa by master spas

About Master Spas Swim Spas

Master Spas is the world's largest swim spa manufacturer, Operating out of a state-of-the-art 45 acre manufacturing campus. Master Spas makes Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas and H2X Fitness Swim Spas. The company is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is 90 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

"I immediately fell in love with all our Challenger has to offer: easy access to swim training, the benefits of hydrotherapy and, of course, the perfect way for us to play and relax with our daughter Izzy."

— Tim O'Donnell

"Cold therapy has been a huge part of my recovery as a CrossFit athlete. Either the Valaris from Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs, I am taking my recovery game to the next level."

— Justin Madeiros

"Having a daughter now, I'm less likely to drive to the pool to do a 30-minute easy swim. Being able to jump in the swim spa in my backyard and do an easy swim enhances my recovery."

— Mirinda Carfrae

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