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During this time of high demand for our products and continued challenges with the supply chain, Master Spas wants to keep our valued customers as informed as possible. We'll provide periodic updates and useful information to make your wait a bit easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has Master Spas done to meet the increased demand for hot tubs and swim spas?

Fortunately, Master Spas had been expanding our production capabilities even prior to Covid-19. In fact, we had recently completed a state-of-the-art swim spa factory that allowed us to increase our production by more than 200%. At the same time, we expanded production lines in our acrylic hot tub factory that would allow us to build 50% more. Since resuming production in May 2020, we have added a 34,000-square-foot building to our Distribution Center. We also focused on providing a safe environment for each member of our team, which is now more than 1,100 strong and growing. The addition of team members allowed us to start second shifts in each of our facilities so we could build more quality product, faster.

Why are lead times so long and orders taking so long to complete?

Master Spas has responded to the continued, huge global demand for hot tubs and swim spas by expanding our operations. However, the supply chain of all the parts and pieces that go into our products has struggled to keep up. Factory shutdowns, intense global demand for key components, and even catastrophic events like a deep freeze in Texas have put raw materials into a tailspin, which has drastically slowed down our production capabilities.

Can I get a specific date of when my order will be done?

Pre-Covid, the retailer you purchased from would be able to provide this information. However, because of daily part shortages or parts not arriving as anticipated, we cannot provide a specific date but just a general guideline. We understand this might be frustrating for you. We are frustrated, too, and want to get you enjoying your new Master Spas hot tub or swim spa as quickly as possible. Please see the Production and Order Status Update below for the latest.

I tried calling my local retailer for an update but haven't heard back. What do I do?

Your local retailer is working hard at answering each phone call they get with the information they have. Please allow up to a couple days for a return phone call during this time.

I ordered my spa months ago, and it still is not ready. But I have seen others who ordered after I did and have accepted delivery. Why wasn't my spa built and shipped first?

We are doing our best to build spas as quickly as possible and in the order that they were received. However, the time it takes to complete your spa can vary based on the availability of parts, custom options, dealer location, and shipping. Your local retailer might have had stock on hand, whether it was a floor model or an order had been canceled. You can contact your local retailer to see whether they have anything in stock or a spa that will be available sooner.

Do you have other questions that haven't been answered here? If so, click here and ask. We'll respond as soon as possible.

Production and Order Status Update for August 30, 2021

The past month has seen improvements with many of our suppliers, when compared to the previous several months. As a result, we've been able to see good increases in productivity within our factories.

Here are some of the major shortages and delays on parts we currently have:

Midnight DuraMaster cabinets (hot tubs): We do not expect to receive any until mid-fall, and we currently do not have reliable details on the quantity we might get. At this time, we suggest orders be changed to Graphite DuraMaster.

Espresso DuraMaster cabinets (swim spas): We recently received a small batch of these panels that were quickly used. We do not have reliable details on when we may receive more. We suggest orders be changed to Graphite DuraMaster.

Deluxe Fusion Sound Audio System: We continue to experience shortages and delays on these parts. While we are currently able to fulfill inhouse orders, please expect delays of up to several weeks.

Bio-Magnetic Therapy: We continue to be out of the magnets used in this system and have no reliable ETA on when we will receive them.

QuietFlo and Mast3rPur Option: For several months, we have struggled with adequate supply for a major component used in this option. This has reached a critical situation, and we do not have adequate supply of this part. As a result, we are immediately ceasing production on hot tub orders in North America with these options for the remainder of 2021. If you have an order due prior to the end of the year, you will be contacted by your local retailer. (Swim spas are not affected by this shortage.)

Master Spas continues to add trained team members to our production facilities ensuring we are doing everything in our ability to build orders as quickly as possible.

While we are all ready to be in a post-COVID world, we are closely watching the global impact of the latest variants. These variants are causing new global supply and shipping challenges. With what we currently know, we expect acrylic hot tub and swim spa orders due by the end of September to be 8-10 weeks behind schedule. Orders due in October/November will be approximately 4-6 weeks past due. By December, we expect to be meeting all order due dates and then be slightly ahead of schedule.

Previous Updates

Production and Order Status Update for July 19, 2021

We're still dealing with daily shortages and/or delays in parts arriving, to meet our everyday production needs.

Items currently causing delays:

  • Certain cabinets
  • Topside control panels
  • Air controls
  • Diverter valves
  • Stereos
  • Magnets
  • Swim spa steps
  • Hot tub steps

While we're doing our best to adjust each day to these things and maximize production, orders currently expected in June through September will be running behind schedule by approximately eight to 10 weeks.

Master Spas and our global network of specialty retailers are committed to getting your order fulfilled as soon as possible and we'll continue to provide updates as things progress.

Thank you for choosing a Master Spas and thank you for your patience.

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