Wahoo opens new science center featuring Master Spas swim spa

H2X Challenger 18D Pro allows team to analyze swim performance, technique

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — August 26, 2022

With a dedication for innovation and helping athletes reach their goals, Master Spas is pleased to announce that a swim spa is a part of Wahoo's cutting-edge Sports Science Center.

The Sports Science Center recently celebrated its grand opening in Boulder, Colorado. The facility will allow Wahoo's team to support its sponsored athletes while performing research that will influence the company's future innovations.

Wahoo new science center with Master Spa swim spa

"We believe that to be the best in endurance sports you need to have the best tools, and to support our multisport community the Master Spa swim spa helps us cater to the 'ever-evolving' needs of athletes by integrating leading edge sports science with our comprehensive ecosystem of products and services through the work done at the Wahoo Sports Science Center," says Colin Eustace, Wahoo VP of Global Marketing. "Our technical partnership with the Ironman group as well as sponsoring champions like Jan Frodeno and Lucy Charles show our commitment to the world of multisport."

With a commitment to not just cyclists but all athletes, including those in multi-sport, Wahoo partnered with Master Spas to install a swim spa at the Boulder facility. The Wahoo Sports Science team will utilize the swim spa for athlete testing and analysis.

"Having the Master Spas H2X Challenger 18D Pro really expands our ability to properly assess triathletes in our new Wahoo Sports Science Center lab and really sets us apart for any other physiology lab that I've worked in over the past 20 years," says Neal Henderson, Head of Wahoo Sports Science

The H2X Challenger 18D Pro is a jetted swim spa designed with the endurance athlete in mind. With six VIP jets and three dedicated swim pumps, the swim spa provides a smooth, wide current for stationary swimming. Athletes can swim as fast as 1:10 per 100-meter pace in the H2X Challenger 18D Pro.

"Working with Wahoo and the Sports Science team, Master Spas has demonstrated its commitment to triathletes," says Kevin Richards, Vice President for Sales and Marketing. "A swim spa provides a unique opportunity for swimmers and coaches to get instant feedback on their technique. We're excited to see the Wahoo team take it a step further at the new facility."

The Wahoo team is led by Head of Sports Science, Neal Henderson. Additional team members include Dr Ginger Gottschall, Director of Applied Research; Mac Cassin, Senior Sports Scientist; Rupert Harold, Operations Manager; and Jeff Hoobler, Strength and Movement Specialist.

For information about Master Spas, go to MasterSpas.com. For additional information on the Wahoo Sports Science Center, visit www.wahoofitness.com/wahoo-sports-science.

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