Master Spas Welcomes Professional Triathlete Meredith Kessler to Brand Ambassador Program

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — OCTOBER 1, 2020

Master Spas, the world's largest swim spa manufacturer, is excited to announce a partnership with professional triathlete and IRONMAN® champion Meredith Kessler.

"Master Spas couldn't be happier to welcome Meredith Kessler to our family of brand ambassadors," says Kevin Richards, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Meredith has been competing in IRONMAN® for 20 years. Not only is she an accomplished athlete but she is an inspiring human being. She embodies what it means to Win Your Day."

Meredith Kessler is a 11-time IRONMAN® champion and 23-time IRONMAN® 70.3 champion; co-founder of Endurance Zone TV; and author of the book, "Life of a Triathlete." She trains near Columbus, Ohio, where she lives with her husband and a young son.

Headshot of Meredith Kessler, IRONMAN® champion

"TRAIN. RELAX. RECOVER. These are three luxuries that I still pinch myself that we get to experience on a daily basis in our Master Spas swim spa. Every day, I recognize the true privilege it is to be able to actively complete a swim session at a customize pace, use the hydrotherapy cove to sooth sore muscles and relax with my family - all wrapped into ONE within our Master Spas swim spa," Kessler says.

"Having our H2X Challenger 15D has enriched our lives. Not only is it a vital part of my training and recovery arsenal yet it is an ample part of the day for my family. We relish in our family time, especially every evening, where we can relax, unwind, chat and laugh about the day...together in our Master Spa haven!"

Meredith Kessler, IRONMAN® champion, with an h2x swim spa by master spas

Kessler began training in an H2X Challenger 15D Swim Spa by Master Spas in May 2020, a time when many pools were closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. She continues to use the swim spa for training, recovery and family time.

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About the H2X Challenger Series

The H2X Challenger Series from Master Spas bridges the gap between traditional jetted swim spas and propulsion systems. The unique airless jet system creates a water current that is more efficient, powerful, and smoother than the competition. With the ability to control the resistance and temperature, novice swimmers to competitive triathletes can enjoy a continuous swimming experience that mimics open water. That's why swim spas from Master Spas are the official swim spa of the IRONMAN® World Championship.

About Master Spas

Master Spas is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 90 miles northeast of Indianapolis. Operating out of a state-of-the-art, 614,000-square-foot manufacturing facility on a 45-acre manufacturing campus, Master Spas is the largest swim spa manufacturer in the world, and largest hot tub manufacturer that builds 100% of our spas in the USA. The company's executive team boasts more than 200 years of spa manufacturing success and one of the strongest track records in the industry. For more information, please visit: