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From injury to Kona: IRONMAN® Champion Ben Hoffman shares story in new video from Master Spas

Fort Wayne, Ind. — August 27th, 2019

Master Spas, the largest swim spa manufacturer in the world, is excited to announce the release of a new video starring IRONMAN® champion Ben Hoffman.

This video features Hoffman, a brand ambassador for Master Spas, as he sets his sights on the IRONMAN® World Championships in Kailua-Kona on October 12.

In the 4-minute video, Hoffman shares about his journey back from a disappointing injury in 2018 and why he’s more motivated than ever before.

"The silver lining (of the injury) was that it was a really good reset for me. … I was lacking some of that passion that I had before," Hoffman says in the video. "Having that forced rest kind of drove it home, how much I love doing this. There’s no question now that when I get out there and train that I have a different level of appreciation and a different passion for it than I had before."

The video, which is available at, shows Hoffman swimming, biking, and running. A complement to his triathlon training, the H2X Challenger swim spa is a place where Hoffman can log an extra workout or get the recovery he needs.

"We are thrilled to be a part of Ben's journey on his road to Kona," says Kevin Richards, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Master Spas. "Ben's passion for the sport and training is evident, and we're excited to share his story in this new video."

The Challenger series from Master Spas bridges the gap between traditional jetted swim spas and propulsion systems. The unique airless jet system creates a water current that is more efficient, powerful, and smoother than the competition. With the ability to control the resistance and temperature, novice swimmers to competitive triathletes can enjoy a continuous swimming experience that mimics open water. That's why swim spas from Master Spas are the official swim spa of the IRONMAN® World Championship.

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