Master Spas Introduces Natural Hot Tub Water Purification with EcoPur Charge

Fort Wayne, IN - June 26, 2017

Master Spas, a leading manufacturer of hot tubs and spas, officially announced the availability of EcoPur Charge, the latest in hot tub water purification technology. Spa owners can now take advantage of this innovative purification system, which substantially reduces the need for harsh chemicals to maintain water quality. Reducing the need for chemicals not only protects the hot tub's plumbing system from the corrosive effects of such chemicals, but it also protects swimwear and limits exposure of potential irritants to the skin. In addition, the time and money spent on hot tub water maintenance is significantly reduced with this state-of-the-art water purification system.

The patent-pending EcoPur Charge filtration uses Master Spas' exclusive filtration fabric, combined with an all-new master core cartridge. This unique design allows for the continuous flow of water through the filter. As water flows into the filter, a chemical reaction occurs, releasing controlled amounts of zinc and copper into the water. These elements work together to create an inhospitable environment for algae, fungus and bacteria, thereby removing impurities from the water in a safe and completely natural manner.

EcoPur Charge is offered exclusively by Master Spas and is standard on all new Master Spas hot tubs and swim spas. Master Spas customers who own older filtration models can upgrade to EcoPur Charge filters the next time they replace their existing filters by simply getting in touch with their local Master Spas dealer and purchasing EcoPur replacement cartridges.

Master Spas remains committed to providing customers with an enjoyable and stress-free hot tub buying and ownership experience by continually striving to bring innovative technology and quality to the market. For more information on EcoPur Charge technology, contact a dealer or visit the Master Spas website at

About Master Spas

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