James Lawrence,
Athlete and Motivational Speaker

Train, Recover, and Relax with the 'Iron Cowboy'

James Lawrence loves pushing his limits, and triathlon allows him to do that. The sport not only combines three disciplines but also has components of nutrition, strength training, and mental toughness. Known as the Iron Cowboy, Lawrence thrives on testing his limits and redefining what’s possible. His H2X Challenger 19D will help him train, recover, and relax as he sets new goals.

H2X Challenger Series swim spas allow you to lead an active lifestyle, work toward your goals, and balance family life.

  • Get active and stay active!
  • Walk, jog, swim, exercise, relax
  • Year-round use without leaving home
  • Relaxing massage therapy seats
  • Water buoyancy that relieves pressure on aching joints and muscles
  • Healthy family time
"I have massive goals coming up. To be able to have the Master Spas swim spa at my home and have that convenience — it was critical for me to acquire something like this."

James Lawrence
aka "The Iron Cowboy"

Whether you are training for a big goal or want to participate in your first event, a swim spa by Master Spas allows you to swim at home without compromising your training.

  • Continuous swimming experience mimics open-water swimming
  • Touchscreen panel allows you to set the pace of your workout
  • Swim in a comfortable temperature in the 80s and recover in warm water set in the 90s
  • Therapy cove features custom massage jets that target the back and legs to ease muscle aches and pains
  • Ergonomic hot tub seating offers a place to relax so you can reconnect with friends and family


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H2X Challenger 19 D

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