How to drain a hot tub

Video Tutorials

Whether you're a seasoned hot tub owner or new to spa ownership, draining your hot tub can seem like a chore. But draining your hot tub is an important part of water care, and it will help you enjoy your hot tub season after season.

This step-by-step video tutorial will guide you through the process so that you can feel confident that you have done the job right.

There are three ways to drain a hot tub. You can use the internal drain system, a sump pump, or a garden hose. This video tutorial will show you how to use the internal drain of your hot tub and a sump pump.

Our tutorial covers everything from turning off the power to your hot tub to draining the water and cleaning the tub. We'll show you the tools you'll need and the steps you'll need to take to drain your hot tub.

Tools you'll need to drain your hot tub:

  • Drill and square bits No. 1 and 2
  • Sump pump
  • Garden hose
  • Shop vac
  • Microfiber cloth

When you drain your hot tub, don't forget to shut the power off at the breaker!

Master Spas recommends draining your hot tub every six months. However, how often you use your hot tub and how many people soak can affect how often you need to drain your hot tub.

A sign that you need to drain your spa is if you are struggling to keep the chemicals balanced or the water clear. Over time, the water in your hot tub can become saturated with minerals and chemicals, which can affect the performance and efficiency of your hot tub. Draining the water and starting fresh can improve the performance and efficiency of your hot tub.