Hot Tub Game Ideas

As discussed in our recent blog post, Your Backyard Hot Tub: A Place for Games and Family Fun, simple hot tub games can turn your relaxing retreat into a family fun center, while keeping the splashing to a minimum. Below is a list of water-proof games to help you get started. For your convenience, we've made this page printer friendly (go to "File," then "Print," in your browser).

"When I go out West"

When I go out West, I will bring ____ (everyone takes a turn).
When I go out West, I will [what will you do with your item out West?] (first person goes, and the following players have to combine their item with what the first person will do out West.)


  • Player 1: "When I go out West, I will bring a sleeping bag."
  • Player 2: "When I go out West, I will bring a milkshake."
  • Player 1: "When I go out West, I will sleep in my sleeping bag."
  • Player 2: "When I go out West, I will sleep in my milkshake."

"I'm Going Camping"

Have one player come up with a rule for an item that can be brought camping. For example, the rule could be that the item must be round. (Note: the rule must be kept secret.) Then, have the player state "I'm going camping, and I'm going to bring ____." The remaining players will choose items with similar traits to the first player's object, in attempts to guess what the rule is. Once a player guesses the correct rule, he or she restarts the game by selecting a new rule and object.


  • Player 1: "I'm going camping, and I'm going to bring a basketball." (Rule: the object must be round.)
  • Player 2: "May I bring a football?"
  • Player 1: "No, you may not bring a football."
  • Player 3: "Can I bring an orange when I go camping?"
  • Player 1: "Yes, you can bring an orange."
  • Player 3: "Is the rule that the item must be round?"

Player 3 wins and restarts the game with a new rule and object.


Go through the letters of the alphabet, and have each player name something from the chosen category that starts with that letter.

Category ideas: animals, stores, plants, states, celebrities, a girl or boy's name, car models, fruits, restaurants

Example: Letter "C," a girl's name: Charlotte

"Fact or Fiction"

Name three pieces of information about yourself: two facts and one fiction. Then, have the other players guess which one is fiction.

Example: "I have four brothers, I have been to fifteen different states and my favorite ice cream is strawberry." Players take turns guessing which of the two pieces mentioned were facts and which one is fiction.

"If I Were A"

Ask: "If you were a(n) ____, what would you be?
Or, have each other answer: "If you were a(n) ____, you would be a(n) _____, becauseā€¦"

"If you were an animal, what would you be?" "I would be a fish, because I love to swim."

"Musical Jets"

Just like musical chairs, but in the hot tub. Play music through a waterproof speaker, and once the music stops, find a seat that has the jets running. As the game progresses, eliminate which seats can be chosen by turning off the jets or having those who didn't find a seat in previous round occupy a seat, until only one player remains.