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Water flow chart: Your guide to dialing in your spa

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Facebook Live: March 23, 2022

Do you have questions about how to control the jets of your swim spa? In this video, Ben and Mari explain how to use the touchscreen panel and knobs to adjust the water pressure. Learn more about air valves, diverters, and more. Plus, they answer viewer questions!

There are three ways to control the flow of water and air through your swim spa jets. You can use the control panel, air valves, and the diverters. Adjusting these controls can change the flow of water, with a low flow providing pressure and a higher flow providing a deep tissue massage.

The control panel will turn on the pumps of your swim spa, pushing the water out of the jets. On H2X Trainer series swim spas, you can turn the pumps on high or low. H2X Challenger series swim spas have a variable speed system. You will turn on the VSP pumps to get water moving through the jets. You can choose the speed, with settings from zero to 25. Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas use a propulsion system to generate the water current. You can adjust the speed from zero to 100.

Swim spa control panels are also used to set the water temperature, turn on LED lighting, and adjust the filter cycles.

The larger knobs on your swim spa are the diverters. The diverters direct the water to different jets in the spa. Remember that swim spas have swim systems and hydrotherapy jets. You will need to use the diverters to move the water from the swim end to the therapy seats.

Air controls increase or reduce the amount of air in the jets.

New swim spa owners might find they need to experiment to find the best water flow settings.