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Yes, You Can Have a Swim Spa!

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live: April 21, 2021

Whether you have an older home or a small backyard, you might not think you have room for an outdoor water feature. An in-ground pool can require a lot of space to make the investment worthwhile. However, a swim spa is a pool alternative that can be installed in small space and older properties.

In this video, Ben and Mari assure you that your property doesn't have to be perfect to have the perfect space for a swim spa.

  • Do you have an older home with older wiring? Tips for working with an electrician to power your swim spa.
  • Well water can be used to fill your swim spa, with the right steps. Or, you can skip the pump and use a water truck.
  • Swim spas come in varying lengths, from 11 feet to 19 feet. There are many models that can work in your small backyard. A crane can also be used to deliver a swim spa if access is not ideal.