Tips and tricks for a winter spa delivery

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Facebook Live: December 15, 2021

Master Spas hot tubs and swim spas are designed to be enjoyed year-round. However, you might be wondering whether it can be installed throughout the year. The answer is … YES! In this Facebook Live video, Ben and Mari share their tips for accepting delivery and starting up a spa in the winter.

Many hot tub owners will say that there is nothing better than going for a soak as the snow falls. But if you are a new owner anticipating the delivery of your spa, you might have wondered if a hot tub can be delivered in winter.

The answer is yes! Most above-ground hot tubs can be installed any time of year, even in the winter.

There are some best practices to follow, though, to ensure the safe delivery of your spa.

The delivery crew will need to be able to drive the truck close to where the spa will be installed.

It should not be actively raining or snowing during the delivery.

Be sure to remove any snow, ice, or standing water from the spa pad. In addition, make sure that the delivery path is clear for the crew. Deep snow around the spa pad can be especially problematic for the crew.

Note: If you have an in-ground hot tub, your retailer might recommend a spring delivery.