Hot tub vs swim spa: What's your perfect spa solution

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Facebook Live: September 8, 2021

Which is better: a hot tub or swim spa? You might be surprised by the answer — BOTH! The best spa for your backyard depends on your personal preferences. In this video, Ben and Mari compare the benefits of a hot tub and swim spa. For people who want to get active and stay active, a swim spa is the better choice. People who are interested in therapy and relaxation will benefit most from a hot tub.

Hot tubs and swim spas share a lot of features. However, there are differences between them. These differences can affect whether you want a hot tub or swim spa.

Size. The most obvious difference is size. The dimensions of a swim spa, also called a swim-in-place pool, will be larger than a hot tub and hold more water. A swim-in-place pool can fit in many backyards. However, if your space is very limited, a hot tub might be the better choice.

Features. Both types of spas have contoured seating and therapy jets. And all Master Spas models have the same mineral filtration system. However, a swim spa has a water current for swimming and exercise.

Cost. Another significant difference between hot tubs and swim spas is cost. However, the price will depend on the model. But an important consideration to note is that both are more affordable than an in-ground swimming pool. In fact, many homeowners could buy both for less than the cost of a pool.