Essential swim spa maintenance tips for summer | Master Spas Facebook Live

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Facebook Live — June 14, 2023

Summer is heating up, and there's no better way to enjoy the season than in your Master Spas swim spa.

But to make sure you have the best summer spa experience, you want to make sure the water is clean and clear.

In this video, Master Spas specialists, Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli dive into the topic of summer swim spa maintenance. They address some of the most commonly asked questions about how the warm weather affects your water care routine.

Lowering the water temperature. A swim spa is designed to be used year-round, with the ability to set the temperature up to 99 degrees. In the summer, though, you might want the water to feel more refreshing. Lowering the temperature will also lower the demand for chemicals. Regularly checking the water will make sure your swim spa chemicals are balanced.

Cooling swim spa water. Master Spas swim spas are made with full foam insulation, helping it maintain the water temperature with less energy. However, during extreme heat, you might find that the water won't drop in temperature. Learn about various methods to cool your swim spa water, even on the hottest days.

Planning a vacation? Ben and Mari will also discuss the essential chemicals you should add to your spa before going away. Keeping your swim spa in top shape while you're enjoying some well-deserved time off is crucial, and our experts will guide you through the process.

In addition, Ben and Mari answer viewer questions about whether you can convert your swim spa to a salt water system, whether a salt system is better than the EcoPur mineral system, and more.