Q&A: Tips, Tricks, and Answers to All of Your Swim Spa Questions

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Facebook Live — October 7, 2020

In this Q+A video, Ben and Mari answer your questions, as well as share their tips and tricks for taking care of a swim spa.

Swim spas can be described as a pool-spa combination. They have a large swim area that's perfect for water exercise or just splashing around. Master Spas swim spas have a swim system that allows for stationary swimming and resistance for aqua jogging. Unlike a swimming pool, there's no pushing off the wall or flip turns. Stationary swimming helps improve endurance and allows for a customizable swim experience.

There are several types of swim systems available, including swim jets and propulsion. The best swim spa for your space will depend on your lifestyle, needs, and swim ability. Competitive swimmers might prefer a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa or the H2X Challenger Pro. The H2X Challenger series is ideal for triathletes and people who regularly swim. Recreational swimmers will benefit from the Trainer series.

Master Spas swim spas can be installed on a reinforced concrete patio, in the ground, or even inside. With proper preparation, swim spas can also be put on a deck.

Swim spas are heated so that you can adjust the water temperature for swimming, aquatic therapy, or recreation. The design, as well as heating, also allows for year-round use.

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