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Facebook Live: June 22, 2022

Susan wanted to keep water exercise as part of her routine. The water helped her strengthen her core and improve balance after several hip surgeries. However, getting to the gym was a hassle. It was a half-hour drive each way, plus the time in the facility.

She wanted a place where she could do all the exercises she did at the gym — but in the convenience and ease of her backyard.

After looking at the options, she chose to do a custom indoor aquatic therapy pool. The H2X Therapool SE had room for her to do the exercises she did at the pool, as well as the energy efficient features that would allow her to workout year-round.

Susan worked with a contractor to create an enclosed space for the spa. The space features durable and water-resistant materials, a rolling spa cover, and colorful finishes.

The contractor focused on making sure that the structure could support the spa when filled with water (and people!). The footers were sized properly and the joists doubled up.

In this video, you'll learn more about why the homeowner chose a Master Spas swim spa and to install it indoors. The indoor swim spa room features composite decking, railing, and other water-resistant materials.

The Therapool SE has many high-end features but at a surprisingly affordable price. The large flat floor is perfect for aquatic exercise and rehabilitation. There are also three three high-performance flow stream swim jets that provide a current for water walking or aqua jogging. At the end of your workout, slip into one of the ergonomic seats, letting the hydrotherapy jets help you recover and relax.