The Best of 2020

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live — December 16, 2020

It was a year like no other. From whispers of a novel virus to a global pandemic, 2020 changed the year we lived. As they spent more time at home, many people found a new appreciation for their backyards and a desire to upgrade their outdoor living areas. Demand for swim spas increased dramatically.

Where do you start, though, when you want to install a swim spa? In their Facebook Live series, Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli became guides for all things swim spas.

In this video, Ben and Mari reflect on the year and talk about popular topics and most asked questions.

Among the topics:

Swim spa as a pool alternative: A swim spa is often a better choice as it can be used year-round. It requires less space, too, and does not require a permit. Another advantage of a swims pa is the training and swimming element.

Getting your HOA to approve your swim spa: Some neighborhood covenants restrict above-ground pools. However, a swim spa is not a pool. The plumbing and heating systems are built-in and do not exit the cabinet.

Swim spa installation process. Once your site is ready, a swim spa can be delivered and installed in a day. The preferred foundation is a reinforced concrete pad. Your spa will arrive via forklift or crane.

Swim spa chemical and water care. Master Spas swim spas have a mineral filtration system, which uses natural elements to purify the water. The benefit is owners can use fewer chemicals when compared to other brands.

Swimming and exercise in a swim spa. Gyms can be intimidating but a swim spa allows you to exercise in the comfort and privacy of your backyard. You can swim, water walk, or do other water-based exercises, making exercise a part of your daily life.