Swim Spas vs. Pools

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Facebook Live — May 21, 2020

An in-ground pool makes it easy to swim and play in the convenience of your backyard. But a traditional swimming pool might not be practical for everyone's space, budget, and lifestyle. A swim spa by Master Spas has many of the same benefits of a traditional pool but without the headache and price tag.

In this video, Ben and Mari compare swim spas and in-ground pools so that you can determine which is best for your space.

What are the differences between a swim spa and a pool?

Year-round use. Unless you live in a warm climate, a pool has a season. Most pool owners can only use it for three to four months. However a swim spa is designed to be used year-round. The cabinet is fully insulated, and the water is heated.

Cost. In-ground swimming pools can cost more than $100,000, depending on the materials and design. Swim spa costs can vary depending on the model and swim system. However, you can expect to pay a fraction of the price of a swimming pool.

Ease of maintenance. Master Spas swim spas feature a mineral filtration system that minimizes water care. Most owners will spend less than 15 minutes each week on maintenance. A swimming pool often requires more upkeep. Plus, you have to open it and close it for the season.

Ability to swim for exercise and training. Most swimming pools are designed for recreation as opposed to training. Swimming in an at-home pool would be tedious at best and ineffective at worst. The swim system of the spa allows you to swim in place, aqua jog, and more.

Permit requirements. Homeowners will have to go through the permitting process to build a backyard pool. However, in most areas, homeowners do not need a permit to install a swim spa.

Therapy options. A swim spa combines the benefits of a pool with a hot tub. There are seats with hydrotherapy jets, which deliver a soothing massage. If you choose a pool, you will have to build a separate spa. Often, built-in spas do not have the quality and combination of jets that you will find a swim spa.